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Our Master Butcher Ray Venezia On How to Create Burger Perfection

This Saturday, our Rock Stars were out in force in Fairway Red Hook. We showered customers with rich and toasty iced coffee; fresh oozy burrata just in from Puglia; hot dogs with some of our favorite condiments–Andre Laurent sauerkraut, balsamic ketchup, and our brand new and awesome Fairway mustard; and the sweetest melon that has ever graced my lips–at-its-peek orange flesh honeydew.

Last and definitely not least, our Master Butcher Ray Venezia led a seminar on all things meat-and-BBQ related.  Watch him and Steve Jenkins discuss how to craft the ultimate swoon-worthy burger.

It’s really quite simple. Start with sirloin, ground fresh at the Fairway Butcher Shop. Shape loosley–packing tight will result in rubbery texture and much less beefy flavor. Creating an aluminum foil bundle means you can keep the meat neatly packaged and cook burgers to specified size. I’ll have a generous, juicy, delicious burger please.

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