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Fairway Barrel Oil Spotlight: Greek Koroneiki

These very olives become our Greek barrel oil!

About six miles from Sparta in the Peloponnesos region of Greece, the state of Lakonia, is a valley called Glykovrissi, referring to its “sweet fountains”, that is, its bountiful freshwater springs. Here, too, are the olive groves owned and tended for generations by the Doukas family. The Doukas family escaped a brutal Nazi occupation in their valley by migrating to Athens where they proceeded to build a chain of supermarkets and make this gorgeous oil.

These are old trees, some of them hundreds of years old, bearing the koroneiki olive, and also the athena olive, an ancient and almost forgotten variety. Both are pressed to derive this fine, un-filtered olive oil that we have the honor of offering to you. 

It tastes like melted butter and ripe stone fruit, and that it finishes with black pepper; its fragrance is powerfully vegetal, with a bit of citrus. Its texture is thick and luxurious. The olives were hand-picked starting in early January of this year, and will continue into February. The intensity of the oil falls precisely and exactly between the gentleness of a Catalan arbequina and the robustness of a Sicilian biancolilla. It is similar in structure and flavor to an AOC Nyons, but at about a third of the Nyons’ price.

It is recommended for all salads, certainly salads containing sheep’s milk or goat’s milk cheese, citrus fruit or avocado. It is superb as a table condiment to be drizzled over roasted or grilled seafood and vegetables, and certainly for any marinade or baste.

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