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Get Your Head Out of the Oven! Our Favorite No-Cook Meals

People–it’s hot. Hot enough to get sweaty in the one short block from apartment to subway. Hot enough to think any activity in AC or a body of water is enormously enticing. Hot enough that I don’t want to go anywhere near an oven, or a hot stovetop, or anything to risk raising my already unhappily high body temp.

But I’m in luck. I go to work every day at a mind-boggling market overflowing with satisfying and awesome options for dinner, sans cooking. For me, chopping and dicing and slicing is a meditation, but it is not cooking. Nor is spreading, layering, jar-opening, or pulling apart chicken. I have my own go-to concoctions for a cook-free meal, but I wanted to see what my food-loving coworkers were eating and craving, lest it might entice you guys to try something both new and fabulously easy, and keep you cool.

Without further ado, here’s what we’re loving:

Iberico ham sliced perfectly, toasts rubbed with raw garlic, tomato, and sprinkled with fleur de sel, served with cheese. Anchovy fillets served with cold fino sherry and toasts. Cold steamed whole artichokes served with fresh-made aioli. A classic aioli. Shuck oysters at table; serve with a mignonette and fresh baguette/sweet butter. Steak tartare. A classic caesar salad. I could go on….. – Steve Jenkins

Italian Antipasto- a mix of butter, romaine and iceberg lettuces with salami wrapped in fresh mozzarella/provolone, jarred or canned artichoke hearts and roasted pepper with a dash of extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar. – Heather Bauman

Herb Murray’s Rotiserie chicken and Fairway mac ‘n’ cheese. – Will Sneddon

Fresh goat cheese and olive tapenade on baguette–(which Leah discovered while strolling in a market in Auvergne). I also love pate/duck mousse and halved French cornichons on baguette. -Leah Oppenheim

I love to polish off BBQ leftovers (grilled veggies, chicken, or steak) chopped over locally grown lettuce with yellow and red cherry tomatoes, kirby cukes and cold grilled corn right off the cob. Good drizzle of vinegar and EVOO. Yum. – Lori Levy

Dinner last night: I got some sliced smoked turkey, black forest ham and corn salad from the deli at Fairway Stamford, then I bought some cold hard boiled eggs (yes I am that lazy) from the dairy aisle. And I had some salad with a balsamic and Parmesan dressing from Fairway that I bought after I tasted when the vendor was demo-ing it on Saturday – it was delicious! – Carlone Higgins

As for me, I’m happy to layer our killer smoked salmon and Ben’s cream cheese on a mini-bagel, or a baguette; or our made-each-day mozz and a juicy tomato and a glug of good EVOO. Or I pull apart rotisserie chicken and layer it on a corn tortilla with plenty of red onion, cilantro, a creamy ripe avocado, and a dash of hot sauce.

Endless ways to accomplish one mission: Keep it simple. Keep eating well.





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