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Break Out of Your Rib-Eye Rut: Master Butcher Ray Venezia Shows Us Lesser Known, Super Flavorful Cuts of Beef

We’re all for breaking out a filet for a big night, and we’re mighty proud of our strips and tenderloins. But with a whole glorious butcher counter before you, it’d be a shame to stick to the familiar favorites. Our own Master Butcher Ray Venezia gave a great rundown of alternative, tasty cuts of beef in today.

The funkier cuts are oft referred to as “butcher’s cuts.” The pieces of the meat that you won’t find in the fancy steakhouses are near and dear to chefs and butchers because they are both bursting with character and gentle on the wallet.

Tri-tip, flatiron, hanger steaks: the possibilities are endless. And delicious.  Marinate a hanger steak in olive oil, garlic, and whatever herbs you love–then grill and let the deep, beefy flavor shine. Let london broil marinate, too–it needs the tenderizing. The result? Tons and tons of flavor, and extreme juiciness. I love this recipe for london broil with garlic and mustard.   

An enormously helpful hint: Slice against the grain. “You know you’re right when you see that criss-cross pattern in the meat,” Ray says.   

More sage advice from Ray: “The best thing you can do is talk to your butcher.” The butchers at Fairway are meat gurus. They will guide you to “get the best cut and cook it the right way, so you get your money’s worth for what you’re buying.” Right on.

Watch Ray in action, as he identifies some bang-for-your-buck cuts and shows us how to cook them to perfection.

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