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A Visit from Alessandro Luchetti: An Italian Business Student, Olive Oil Legacy and Food Lover

Alessandro outside of Fairway HQ

I was excited to meet Alessandro Luchetti, our summer intern. You should be, too. Alessandro was born in Madrid, and grew up in Italy and Spain. He comes from serious olive oil pedigree: his dad was the head of the International Olive Oil Council. He’s been cooking–rolling out pasta by hand and all–since he can remember.

This young guy, so precocious, so well-traveled (he lived and studied in California, and now he’s a business student in Rome), so inured, so steeped, if you will, in olive oil, and here he is, writing about his impressions of a NYC biz that rocks, our glorious Fairway.

Alessandro takes it away: 

I enjoy the pleasure of food wherever I am. Throughout the years, I have traveled with my parents everywhere there was a chance to produce olive oil and teach the benefits from it to other cultures.

EVOO for a Healthy Bod

I realized how the Mediterranean diet and the olive oil can help to keep people’s longevity and how it helps avoiding cardiovascular diseases, maintain a low cholesterol level, lower the blood pressure, avoid diabetes, reduce the risk of cancer and avoid Alzheimers with a recent discovery, which demonstrates that extra virgin olive oil has a natural compound called Oleocanthal which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that an olive oil based diet helps fight obesity when used an optimal amount.

Despite, obesity levels keep growing in the U.S as fast food business have been growing dramatically all over the country, and have been threatening America’s health. The U.S. has a large population so every state differs in the “health levels”, I have lived in California for 5 years and I still think there is a lot of work to do over there fighting the lack of quality and making people healthier.

Changing Times

We can see when we walk to a restaurant currently, they don’t serve anymore butter and bread but the new trend of olive oil and balsamic vinegar with bread, which makes me happy to see that the effort to import Mediterranean products and to teach about the health benefits it has been making a real change.

Every time I come to the east coast, I see many more businesses who focus on quality. The growing rate of Mediterranean food imports in amazingly high.

Enter Fairway

When I came to New York and saw Fairway Market, I was impressed by the large variety of quality products it offers to the consumer. There are multiple Mediterranean food stores, but are mainly boutique stores or have a small size. I was amazed by how a Supermarket could have so many wonderful products from Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Fairway has a very good quality price-ratio– the quality is high and the prices tend to be low. Fairway’s expansion has demonstrated how consumers appreciate quality.

The main problem of many supermarkets is the lack of information on how one product differs from another, therefore consumers cannot understand the difference in pricing. I saw how there is an explanation of every product below it, and also the wonderful selection of olive oils and how every product is presented in the store as fresh products. The amazing display of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and so on, the explanation of every single product, having a low price and a good quality, all of these elements are in my opinion the key to success.

This kind of supermarkets is what United States needs right now, encouraging people to cook by providing them with healthy products. I see how can a business can be extremely successful by promoting healthy and good quality product to the consumer, and therefore make a positive change in society.

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