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A Spot-On Summer Meal: From Dock and Farm to Your Belly

New flash: it’s crazy hot today. Last week we regaled you with ideas for no-cook meals, for those times where venturing anywhere near a heat source seems like cruel and unusual torture.

But sometimes life calls for a fabulous meal. And if you can muster the moxie, there is no better season than the dog days to create a culinary masterpiece.

Summer’s long, hot days unleash an edible outpouring from the earth: local fish and shellfish; redolent veggies like tomatoes, zucchini, and crunchy lettuce; sweet corn; fragrant herbs; drippy peaches; and the last of the candy-sweet berries. This is foodie fantasy time.

At Fairway, we’re obsessed with bringing you the freshest fruit, catch, meat, and all the rest. Watch Dan and Mitchel catch their own fish off Long Island, make fresh pasta at The Ravioli Store in Queens, and pick strawberries in New Jersey–then turn the bounty into a crowd-pleasing feast.

The Menu

Local boston, green leaf, and romaine lettuce salad with kumato tomatoes

Linguine with local Littleneck clams

Broiled fluke with butter and lemon

Strawberry ice cream

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