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Our New Pride and Joy: Beautiful Olive Oils from Western Sicily

We are sometimes jaded about olive oil here at Fairway. We taste, laud, and sell so much truly extraordinary EVOO, it’s hard to impress us. But impressed we were when we received this beautiful bottle from Manfredi Barbera, a 4th generation Sicilian olive oil dynast and a good friend of ours.

Lorenzo #3 is dedicated to the memory of Renzino Barbera, Manfredi’s father and THE Sicilian artist, actor, poet, writer, painter…Gold Label – 3rd generation – Lorenzo n.3! Manfredi’s LORENZO #3 has been awarded GAMBERO ROSSO’S TOP PRIZE. Gambero Rosso is the Italian equivalent of our Wine Spectator, so it’s a very big deal, a very huge honor, and if you taste this oil you will agree – KILLER olive oil.

It’s made from 100% biancolilla olives from Western Sicily, and tastes a lot like our Barbera barrel oil, but gentle and lightly peppery. It’s an ideal seafood EVOO, and if you drizzle it liberally atop grilled shrimp, or poached lobster, or seared tuna, or buttery cod, you will be in for a treat.

We also are carrying LORENZO EVOO #1 which is spicy, herbaceous and intensely fruity. We taste green tomato and almond on the finish. Number 1 is inspired by Renzo Barbera Sr, Renzino’s grandad and the founder of the company as it is today. The Coronel. Motivated, serious, straight to the point, like the cerasulola olives used to produce Lorenzo n.1, black label, – 1st generation of the Barbera family.

LORENZO EVOO #5 is made with PITTED (only the pulp of the delicious Nocellara olive!) 100% Nocellara del Belice. #5 is named for Manfredi Barbera’s first-born. He is spoiled rotten, but (sigh!) he’s Manfredi’s and Paola’s little boy, and what would you expect!  The oil is delicately spicy and floral with a distinct creaminess, and indeed it is a marvelous substitute for cream in a recipe. Gentle like a child (with a white label) yet full bodied like Lorenzo Barbera! 5th generation – Lorenzo n.5.

I wish my family had such a delicious legacy. Jealously and all, I’m thrilled to have such fine new oils in our lexicon. You’d be silly not to try them.

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