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New, Fabulous Greeting Cards! Spotlight on the Artist Michael Albert

Lori and Michael

How lucky are we to have such talented friends?  Michael Albert has been a Fairway shopper, aficionado and vendor for 25 years.  We are extremely proud to add his greeting cards to our lineup of super cool “Fairway Exclusives.”

Michael, an acclaimed Pop Artist, combines his philosophy of recycle, reuse and re-purpose to his artwork.  He masterfully reworks discarded packaging and other materials in order to create original works of art with meaning far beyond their original intent. 

Many stylistic aspects of the great masters, Van Gogh, Matisse, Cezanne, Monet, Vuillard, Gauguin, Klimt, Modigliani, Seurat and Picasso have found their way into Michael’s artwork. This artist tips his hat to all of those that have come before him shaping his vision and view of the world.

Lovingly, Michael created characters for his “Sir Real” line of organic and natural fruit juices, a successful business venture he launched after graduating from NYU.   Fairway customers love Sir Real Juices and the brand continues to grow.

The cereal box cut-outs and other collages made from post-consumer packaging were recast by the artist as cubist incarnations.  They garnered a great deal of attention leading to the 2008 publication of his works in An Artist’s America.  Some of the more intricate pieces include “Judgment Day” and the “Signing of the Declaration of Independence”.

While cheerful and bright there are obscure meanings and messages in Michael’s work.  His initials “MA” are hidden within each collage.  Some are harder to find than others but it is fun to hunt to find it.

We could not resist jumping at the opportunity to present a line of Michael Albert Greeting cards to our customers.  This exclusive line represents the best of Michael’s works.  They translate beautifully into this small format.

We have thoughtfully chosen to leave the inside of the cards blank so that a personal sentiment can be expressed. Writing. Thinking.  Lost arts in and of themselves!  The collection includes the Sir Real Characters, the Cereal collages, NY landmarks, Epic pieces and other word centric collages.  The “Mom” card flew off the shelves for Mother’s Day and we expect the same to happen to the “Dad” cards in June.  It has been an exceptionally exciting launch!

As a father of four and a champion of the arts, Michael makes it his mission to share his passion with students, of all ages, by hosting collage workshops at museums, schools and at other special events.  Just last month Michael spent Earth Day hosting a character drawing workshop at Grand Central Station.  He invited people to engage in an art exchange.  Each person that came to create was given the opportunity to swap his or her piece for one of Michael’s posters.  Surprisingly the adults throughout the day seemed to really take to the creative experience taking the time to express to Michael the joy they felt coloring, something they had not done in decades.

Michael will conduct a series of workshops with Fairway as part our shared belief in giving back to our community.  We will join forces with The Toy Industry Association in July and bring Michael’s magic and a scrumptious dinner to the children and families in residence at the NYC Ronald McDonald House.  We are all looking forward to that very special evening. We will continue to host workshops with Michael throughout the year.

We are all excited about this partnership and hope you enjoy the cultural nourishment! Buy a Michael Albert greeting card for someone you love on your next trip to Fairway – Like No Other Market.


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