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My First Fairway Opening: An Account from the Front Line

I genuinely did not know what to expect last Wednesday, June 6th, as we opened our newest Fairway Market in Woodland Park, NJ. It was my first time even attending a grand opening of any kind, much less directing throngs of eager shoppers where to go to get the best deals on meats, cheeses, and other awesome products.

In fact, it was only my third day on the job! I started as an intern last Monday, and barely had time to meet my supervisor before being thrown headfirst into the fray that was the Graphics department, moving boxes, laminating and cutting signs and—my personal favorite—constructing the wheel that we used to give out fabulous prizes as the doors opened for the Woodland Park store.

It felt like we were a noble army preparing for battle. As we worked I got to meet a few of my fellow intern warriors and the more permanent members of the Fairway crew. I didn’t even get a chance to learn what their official job titles were right away, but I knew for sure that they had authority over me! That didn’t quite matter, though—everyone rolled up their sleeves and was working doggedly to get all the signs printed, reprinted, and perfected in order to inform you, the shopper, exactly what to expect from our huge selection of produce, breads, cheeses, meats, seafood, and more.

I even met another intern who was brought on board to help with a new nutrition project, which she started in earnest this week. For now, though, she was laminating and slicing with the rest of us. Truly it was ‘all hands on deck,’ preparing for the swelling storm that would be the Grand Opening.

So I guess I’m mixing metaphors, here. So I guess we were more like a naval army? Anyways, we worked in a controlled, focused frenzy, with one goal: the customer. The signs are to ensure that you, the customer, know about the freshness of our products, the insane deals to save you money, and just how absurdly, crazily passionate we are about food.

When all is said and done, it’s a great feeling to wipe the sweat from your brow and see the signs you helped create, big or small, hanging high over your head or slid neatly into place at your elbows, their colors bright, their laminate shiny and their edges crisply cut.

Only a few short months until we open Westbury!

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