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Where Steve Jenkins Is Eating this Week: Quickie Recs

Steve JenkinsHakata Tonton at Grove and 7th ave south.  Drop-dead fine; hard to get a table.  My friends and I were the only gaijin in the joint.  No better Japanese food anywhere.  Their table hotplate-cooked Tonton Hotpot is so good that as soon as you have finished it off, the waitress brings a measure of rice to add to the broth left in the bottom of the pot, and then she smooshes it around to absorb all those flavors.  Very reasonable prices on sake, too. 

Wong on Cornelia; difficult to make up one’s mind, the menu is so compelling.  Wong is so fine it demands a return for some of the items you could not order at your first visit.  And I cannot wait to get back here.

Must-not-miss/must-get-to-soon:  Kinshop on 6th Ave; Redfarm at Hudson and Charles; Bear on 31st Ave in Astoria.

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