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Love Those Melons: Galia Melons and How to Tell if a Melon is Ripe

Galia melons are awesome. I cut one up for breakfast the other day, but only half the melon made it to my bowl. The rest I munched perched over my cutting board. They are uber sweet and juicy–the perfect refreshing fruit for summertime, and a welcome addition to any fruit salad.

A galia looks like a cantaloupe until you cut it open–its flesh is a very pale green. This is because galias were born from a cantaloupe-honeydew cross by an Israeli melon breeder named Zvi Karchi in the ’70s. He had a daughter named Galia, and he named his fruit baby after his human baby.

Watch our produce expert Anthony Romano wax poetic about the aromatic and juicy sweetness of galias. He also advises how to choose a perfectly ripe melon: the outside should have an orange-ness and give under your touch.

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