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Joe’s Top Organic Picks

Hand CreamI have a dirty little secret. I am a stalker of our organic vitamins department. When emails start to tangle my brain, I sometimes take a little break to peruse the lotions and potions. I love the elixirs with their big promises of delivering glowing health and vitality. I love the soaps and creams with their sweet smells. An awesome chap stick or a great conditioner never fail to make my life a little brighter.

Fairway’s passionate, wonderful people play no small part in making us great, and making us who we are. Joseph Robinson’s one of those great guys. When I make it out to our store in Douglaston, I make sure to pay a visit to Joe. Joe is the man. He is tirelessly committed to introducing the coolest organics finds to our customers.

These are a few things he’s excited about right now. If Joe’s excited, I’m excited.

Borage Hand Cream is miraculously formulated to make your hardworking silky smooth without leaving them greasy. Instead of just sitting on top of your skin and leaving it goopy, it permeates the epidermal layers for really deep hydration—a hand thirst quencher. This stuff even helps with eczema.

Fairway Cold and Sinus Blaster is a must-have for anyone apt to get sniffly or sick, which is everyone. With all these crazy weather fluctuations, with all the mold and mildew lurking in the crevices of our lives, it’s best to be well prepared. Better safe than sorry or sick.

And last but not least, LÄRABARS are that perfect somethin’ something to get you through a crazed day. The ingredient lists read like a dream: unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices, and nothing else. They are vegan, Kosher, and actually, truly delicious. None of that weird protein bar grossness.

In my waiter days, we stockpiled the peanut butter and jelly (dates, peanuts, cherries and a touch of salt) and cashew cookie (just cashews and dates) LÄRABARS to get us through our long shifts without resorting to bread scraps and such. Pure, healthy, and happy energy!

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