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Moonlight and Silver Dollars in Vermont: Our New Pancakes

We have a hit.  Our Fairway Pancakes just hit the stores two weeks ago, and one thing is for sure, you love them- really LOVE them.  We couldn’t be more delighted about that.

Can you imagine how many pancakes we ate this year in our quest for fluffy perfection?  Our launch couldn’t come fast enough.  Pitchers and catchers had already reported and we were in the final throws of March Madness.   I packed up my two junior taste testers, ages 12 and 15, and headed north to Vermont to watch the packing of our four new Fairway Pancakes: Classic, Buttermilk, Multigrain and Chocolate Chip.

Irene left her wicked mark on the beautiful state of Vermont a mere eight months ago. The kids and I had been up there visiting with dear friends on Labor Day weekend.  The destruction was absolutely incredible. Businesses and houses we had passed on our way up on Friday simply no longer existed by Monday.  Many of the roads we had travelled were gone, too.  What heartbreaking loss and devastation.

The resilience of the people of Vermont is something to be admired. Happily, on our March return, we noticed how much had been rebuilt and restored, although remains much more to do.  Packing our pancakes in Vermont was not only a good business decision- it became a deeper more meaningful social connection for us Fairway folks too.

Our pancakes are made in very small batches to ensure the integrity of the family recipe with the highest degree of care using all natural, kosher ingredients.   The quality translates to deliciousness.  The batter is simple to prepare and the pancakes deliver a true Vermont wholesomeness.

Mother Nature, ever mercurial, delivered a few random incredibly sunny, 75-degree days for our little pancake rendezvous.  With wonder I thought of the pile of Multigrain Silver Dollars on our plates that morning and how they had fast disappeared!  Marveling at the almost full moon at dusk as I lay on a hammock in Mid-March, I knew we had a hit on our hands.

We counted the days until the first shipment arrived with anticipation, and we proudly stacked displays of our new Fairway Pancakes high in prominent places in all of our stores.  Try as I might, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face each time I passed the mountainous display. Pancakes make people happy; pancakes make me happy.

I was dying to know how you would react to them so I put on my apron and joined our Rock Star Roadshow.  If you aren’t hip to it yet Fairway’s best kept (not so) secret is the Rock Star Demos.  Almost every Saturday our Longstanding Fairway Masters, and a cadre of Senior Groupies, travel from store to store and spend the day sampling, cooking, schmoozing and enjoying the engagement of being hands on.  Rock Star Day has developed a bit of a cult following; we may be having more fun with it than you!

People are lining up for our Silver Dollars.  The smell wafts insidiously right under your nose as you enter the store. I have been sampling the Classic and the Buttermilk for the past two weekends and the reactions are incredible!   The pancakes deliver.   Baseball and pancake season are both in full swing, sadly without our beloved Jorge. (Just sayin.)







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