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Organic Skincare at Fairway & Why We Love Weleda

There are things for sale at Fairway that may not provoke your gastric juices, believe it or not.  One of them is a German line of toiletries that is bringing to us such delight that we must tell you about it.

WELEDA, probably pronounced ‘VAH-lay-duh’ by a German-speaking person, offers spritz deodorant, either wild rose or sage, in a glass bottle.  The scent of each will
transport you, and actually make you look forward to your morning and evening toilette.  This deodorant takes you out of town, and sometimes that’s exactly what we really want.

And if you must enquire, yes, they work just fine.

Weleda also offers SALT TOOTHPASTE two ways, and if you really want to alter your state of consciousness (we certainly do), you will jump all over these oddly shaped, decidedly un-American tube toothpastes.

We could go on about Weleda, but we shall choose instead to bask in the knowledge that if we think it, say it, write it, and then post it, you will treat the information like a purloined secret code to certain bliss.  Because it is often said that we do know of which we speak.

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