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7 Healthy, Grill-Smart Strategies

Grilled Fish in FoilWith these grilling strategies, you can have a quick and healthy meal every day of the week!

  1. A tong and brush will be your best companions. However, a fork can become useful when testing to see if your fish is done.
  2. Keep lemon juice available when grilling fish to squeeze periodically as the fillet cooks, since that helps maintain its moisture.
  3. Wrap your fish in tin foil as well to prevent the fish from sticking to the grate and to contain its juices.
  4. Fish can be grilled on both sides for 5 minutes on medium heat, depending on its thickness or size.
  5. Chicken should always be cooked on medium heat to prevent drying out. However, the total time on the grill needs to be adjusted according to the size and shape of the chicken. If you are grilling a 5-ounce chicken breast, 8 minutes on each side should do the trick, but if you are cooking a whole chicken, you should estimate about 20 minutes total cooking time per pound.
  6. Vegetables can simply be chopped and put on a kebab, or placed in tin foil and lightly drizzled with Fairway olive oil, salt, and pepper on a lower heat.
  7. Oil the grate to create a nonstick surface, using a brush or a paper towel. Wipe off excess oil.


Doc’s Quick & Easy Grilled Salmon

  1. Flavor and season salmon fillets with pepper, salt, and garlic.
  2. In a bowl, combine and stir soy sauce, brown sugar, water, olive oil, and lemon juice until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  3. Place fish in a large resealable plastic bag with the marinade mix, and shake the bag to create an even coat for each fillet. Refrigerate for 3 hours.
  4. Preheat the grill to a medium-heat setting. Brush the grill with olive oil to create a nonstick surface.
  5. Take the fillets out of the bag and place onto the grill. Grill the salmon for about 7 to 9 minutes on each side.

Doc’s Grilled Vegetables

  1. Turn on your grill, and set to a low heat.
  2. Clean and rinse all vegetables, and chop into thick pieces.
  3. Lay out two large sheets of tin foil, and place all vegetables onto the foil.
  4. Drizzle and brush the olive oil on the vegetables, then evenly sprinkle the salt and pepper.
  5. Close up the tin foil, and place onto the grill. Let cook on a low heat for about an hour, then serve.

TELL US: What are your healthy grilling tips and recipes?

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