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Spring into Spices

Fairway Organic Spice SetIt’s the season for cleaning. What I’m going to tackle first is the area in my kitchen I’d love to tackle last — my spice cupboard. Yes, I have so many spices, a mere rack doesn’t cut it. I have an entire shelf dedicated to piquant powders and zesty rubs. While I’d like to say that each was carefully selected to elevate my meals with a dash of their bottled goodness, or to perfectly complement the other containers that surround them, the truth is that each was purchased on a whim or as part of a teaspoon of one recipe of another, and feeling too guilty too discard a partially used bottle that is well past it’s prime, I’ve let each trash-can contender enjoy a stay of execution.

But I’m now going to tackle my spice “collection” with the same ruthlessness that I’ve tackled my wardrobe closet in the past. If I haven’t used it within the year, I’m getting rid of it. And with my spices, I’m going one step further — whether I’ve used it or not in the past year, if it’s now 1 year old, it’s time for it to go. I’m not doing my cooking any favors by keeping these stale spices; by a year, they’ve lost all their flavor anyway.

So put the punch back into your food, too, by focusing on the fresh and new essentials to conveniently keep on hand, and can be used over and over in plate after plate. Spring into seasoning with these convenient spice sets we’ve already carefully picked out to expertly pair with one another:

 TELL US: What are your favorite spices, and how do you use them?

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