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Dozens of Dried Fruits & Nuts!

Dried Fruits & NutsThink dinner isn’t complete until you have dessert? Have you ever heard the phrase “from soup to dessert”? Of course not, because the expression is “from soup to nuts.” Let that idiom guide you when you’re shopping, cooking, and eating. As always, Fairway is challenging how you think about food. Call us nuts, but we love to crack open misconceptions, and give you more possible options than you could munch on in a year. So from the magnificent Marcona almonds from Spain to the noble name-controlled A.O.C. Perigord walnuts from France, our stores offer dozens and dozens of different nuts. Good for your health, work nuts into your day, whether you eat them with cheese or fruit, or chop them up to use as ingredients in your dishes.

Sold in several varieties, you’ll find salted or unsalted, roasted or raw, organic or flavored, and whole or sliced options. Every nut you could want is within noshing, along with an array of dried fruits and seeds, including the everyday picks you love to snack on to the exotic selections you need to discover. We even have artisanal nut and seed oils to enjoy, as well as some kosher picks for nuts and dried fruit.

Here’s the range of choices you’ll find at Fairway (we sell more than 80 types of nuts and seeds alone!), based on availability:

Marcona Almonds
Round, plump, and brought to you direct from Spain. Sold raw, fried and salted, or fried and unsalted.

Get them raw (organic or traditional), sliced, slivered, toasted, salted, unsalted, blanched whole, smoked, dry-roasted, honey-glazed, sesame-coated, barbecue-flavored, salsa-flavored, or teriyaki-flavored.

Perigord Walnuts
From the thick forests of France’s Perigord Noir region of Dordogne, the nutmeat from these walnuts is darker than the nutmeat in California walnuts.

You’ll find an organic option, as well as shelled walnuts that are halved or cut in pieces, in addition to Spanish caramelized walnuts. Fairway also sells Black Walnuts, which are a gourmet favorite with bakers.

Brazil Nuts
Did you know? Brazil Nuts are cultivated in the wild instead of on plantations, because their trees need to grow big in undisturbed forests to produce properly.

Get them raw, toasted, honey-roasted, ginger-and-toffee-coated, dry-roasted, curry-flavored, salted, or unsalted.

Technically a legume, but who isn’t nutty about peanuts? That’s why we offer them salted, unsalted, dry roasted, honey-glazed, barbecue-flavored, toffee-coated, and chocolate-covered.

Filberts, a.k.a. Hazelnuts
Choose between shelled filberts from Oregon or blanched ones from Turkey.

Get them raw, cinnamon-and-cocoa-coated, toffee-coated, or honey-glazed.

Macadamia Nuts
Get them raw, salted, or unsalted.

Pine Nuts
Use them to make pesto, like a traditional one made with pine nuts and basil, or one made with pine nuts and spinach or parsley.

Get them unshelled, shelled, roasted, salted, unsalted, or flavored with chili and lemon, garlic and onion, or jalapeno.

Sunflower Seeds
Get them salted, unsalted, shelled, or unshelled. You’ll even find the large Israeli sunflower seeds at Fairway, too.

Pumpkin Seeds
Get them unshelled, shelled, salted, unsalted. You’ll also find yellow and Snow White pumpkin seeds, as well as pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds).

Dried Fruits
Look for guava slices, mango, organic mango, apricots (choose from California, French, or Turkish apricots!), organic Turkish apricots, apple and pear slices, figs, organic figs, banana chips, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, cranberries, organic cranberries, pitted prunes, sweet prunes, cherries, tart cherries, pomegranate seeds, papaya, nectarines, peaches, kiwi, pineapple, organic pineapple, Angelino plums, currants, black raisins, crimson raisins, golden raisins, organic raisins, pitted dates, Medjool dates, organic Medjool dates, and a fancy fruit mix.

DON’T MISS THIS: Fairway also sells what our Master Buyer and Master Cheesemonger Steve Jenkins has called “the world’s greatest prune,” and that’s Pruneaux d’Agen, imported from southwest France. Jenkins says, “They’re prunes that remind you they once were plums.”

Artisanal Oils
The intensity of these oils will surprise and delight you every day. Put them on display like fine china, and serve them in cruets for dipping and relishing on a daily basis.

TELL US: How do you like to cook with and enjoy dried fruits and nuts? What are your favorite nut or seed oils?

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