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5 Must-Know Diet Tricks

Two Women EatingLosing weight isn’t easy, especially when you’re craving snacks and trying to break old habits. So here are five easy strategies that will help keep you focused on your weight-loss goals and curb your cravings.

  1. Try my water trick. If you are used to eating until you are full (more likely stuffed), drink three glasses of water before each meal. This can help to curb your hunger and keep you from gorging on excessive amounts of food at any one meal. Also continue to drink fluids throughout the meal if you feel like it. As long as you don’t go overboard, more fluids generally mean less food intake, or at the very least, a reduction in the penchant to consume unnecessary calories.
  2. Snack on air-popped popcorn without added butter. Although my diet principles center on not being excessively restrictive, during times like the post-holiday resolution when you do want to get strict and really limit your intake to drop some pounds, try air-popped popcorn to satisfy between-meal hunger. It’s really quite tasty and filling, yet almost empty in calories. Fairway sells it in bags, and offers an unsalted option, too.
  3. Shut your kitchen down after dinner. Kitchens are gathering places in most houses. What we don’t realize is that we tend to eat more just because we are in the kitchen. By formally shutting your kitchen down (i.e., dishes scrubbed and put away, countertops clean and clear, and lights out), and moving the socializing to the living room or family room, you actually reduce the temptation to partake in excessive late-night eating.
  4. Take time to eat and chew thoroughly. Too often (usually a result of waiting until we are famished to finally eat something) we rush to have our food. Chewing food slowly and thoroughly allows your mind to accurately sense when your stomach is truly full and satisfied, and not overestimate the amount of food you really need at a single sitting.
  5. Drink more herbal tea. Natural non-caffeinated herbal tea is one of the most underestimated and little known ways to curb sweet cravings. Amazingly, it gives the body a sense of satiation without providing unneeded calories. Herbs are healthy, even medicinal, and have been used across nearly all cultures for thousands of years. Experiment with a variety of flavors and aromas, drink them throughout the day, and rely on them especially late in the day when and if food cravings start.

TELL US: What are your diet tricks?

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