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Happy New Year! Top Tips for Party Food

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese AppetizerYou can easily entertain for New Year’s Eve this year, and you can impress guests with more than pigs in a blanket. We’ve all pictured ourselves being that impeccably dressed, charming host or graceful hostess who has drinks ready and music playing before the first guest rings the doorbell, but none of us are foolin’ anyone. Here’s the reality: When that bell rings, we shout out, One second. I’ll be right there, as we frantically shove everything sitting out into a closet, vowing to be more organized the following year, before we answer the door with a calm and bubbly, Hi! Come on in.

This is no way to start New Year’s Eve. Relax, enjoy yourself, and absorb all the good times at your party. The secret to sidestepping the frenzy while putting together an easy and sensational New Year’s Eve spread is to serve food that only looks like you spent days preparing it. And instead of putting out every small bite you’ve ever thought of and showcasing every culinary skill you know, just focus on using quality ingredients that can shine all on their own without needing much attention in the kitchen.


  • Fairway baguettes are a must for any get-together. Slice them up, and use each tender round with a crispy crust as a base for the most delicious spreads and condiments, such as Shim’on harissa, Villa Reale homemade bruschetta, or Cara Cucina Artichoke and Garlic Cream.
  • Fairway fresh ricotta sold in our cheese department makes for a superb starter when paired with honey. Put a mound of it on a plate, then pour as much honey as you’d like on top, using a golden honey, amber-colored honey, or a creamy honey. Spread on crackers or bread.
  • These cheese plates will the star of your soiree. Here are five guides for your themed cheese selections: French Mountain Cheese Plate; French Pyrenees Cheese Plate; Italian Cheese Plate; Iberian Cheese Plate; and the American Cheese Plate.
  • Fairway olive focaccia sold in our bakeries can be cut into smaller pieces and embellished with even more olive flavor with a smear of a briny tapenade.
  • Brie is a warm delight when baked in the oven. Called Brie en Croute, get a wedge of Brie, wrap it with phyllo dough (which you can find in Fairway’s frozen section), place on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper, brush with an egg wash (beat a Fairway organic egg with a little bit of water), and put in 400-degree oven for around 20 minutes, or until golden brown. Let rest at least 5 minutes before serving. Serve with maple syrup or jam on the side.
  • Fairway fresh tortelloni, served with our puttanesca sauce or vodka sauce makes great finger food when plated with toothpicks. Who says you need to use forks with pasta? Or even a tomato-based sauce? Try a pesto, like this Villa Reale Sicilian pesto.
  • An antipasti platter with goodies from our deli and appetizing department — like Fra’ Mani salami, our house-smoked salmon, or Fairway cured olives, marinated mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, or sweet roasted peppers — will keep everyone snacking.
  • For a touch of elegance, top smoked salmon appetizers or deviled eggs with caviar. You could even make or buy blinis (mini pancakes) and top them with sour cream, caviar, and chives. Fairway offers a few options for caviar, including Farmed Russian Osetra Caviar, Wild Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar, and American Wild Paddlefish Caviar.
  • For an alternative to caviar that is an equally sophisticated garnish for hors d’oeuvres, try Cocktail Pearls, which look like roe, but are actually little spheres bursting with different flavors, and can be found in Fairway’s deli and appetizing department. Options include: Vinegar & Shallots, Apple & Ginger, Lemon & Pepper, and Chili Pepper. There is even a strawberry garnish that’s perfect for cocktails or mocktails. Drop these Strawberry Cocktail Pearls into Champagne flutes for a New Year’s toast.
  • No party table is complete without some dipping oil. Why use just a cruet when you can grace your table with a jar of  Primagoccia Piccantolio chili pepper-infused olive oil?
  • Make these garlic sausage rolls. They’re pigs in a blanket for adults. With just a few ingredients, including ready-made phyllo dough, you can whip up 24 pieces of this tasty eat, and serve them with some dipping mustard.
  • If you want to throw a dinner party for New Year’s Eve, save yourself the stress, and make a roast. This prime rib provides a quick recipe for a juicy dish that cooks slow to develop rich, succulent flavors, but only takes moments to prep, and even feeds up to 16 people.
  • Every cake will reach its full potential for providing lip-smacking enjoyment when you cut it into squares and drizzle dessert sauce over every square for all to sample.

No time to shop? No problem. Just contact Fairway Catering, and we’ll take care of your party platters.

TELL US: What’s your New Year’s party spread going to include?

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