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Why We Love: Belberry Jam, Sauce & Vinegar

Belberry Raspberry JamFor a seriously great gift, you’ll need to hit all the great gift notes. It’s got to be beautiful and beautifully packaged, super high quality, enormously tasty, and something worth talking about. Belberry has you covered.

Belberry is a small Belgian outfit, born in the late 19th century in the tiny, idyllic West Flemish town of Kortrijk. The wife of Kortrijk’s pharmacist was a marmalade genius, famous for her unparalleled jams. When she grew too old for all the heavy lifting and vigorous stirring involved in marmalade making, she passed along her ancient and beloved family recipe to Andre Vandererfven, the owner of little market called Epicerie Fine, and entrusted him with the task of supplying Kortrijk’s marmalade needs.

Andre accepted the responsibility, and soon his shop was doing a booming business in fruit preserves. When Thierry Vandererfven, Andre’s son, took over his family business, he began to sell their lauded jams beyond the confines of his small store. Soon, he was exporting his products to the far reaches of Europe. Everyone was clamoring for Belberry jams!

Now Belberry makes fruit preserves, fruit pulp vinegars, chocolate sauces, and more, all in small batches, with traditional methods in open kettles, and with the purest of pure ingredients. The fabulous stuff comes straight from Belgium to Fairway Market and Fairway Marketplace. Next stop: your kitchen, if you’re smart.

The purple fig sauce is superfluous in its wonder. Slather generously on toast and call it breakfast. Or drizzle over vanilla ice cream and dig in.  And black currant vinegar or sweet raspberry vinegar will transform your ho-hum salad into a bright, lovely dish worth getting excited about.

Belberry jams are a natural friend of any and all great cheeses. It’s also a trusty accomplice in creating easy hors d’oeuvres: Top toasted baguette slices with Belberry apricot spread and a piece of raw-milk morbier cheese. Or pair Belberry blueberry jam with a fresh chevre.

TELL US: How do you put exquisite preserves to good use?

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