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Holiday Gifts: La Trinquelinette Jams

La Trinquelinette Raspberry JamSometimes the most genius ideas and the best gifts are the simplest. La Trinquelinette jams employ no bells and whistles, no tricks or surprises. They’re stunning, straightforward concoctions made in small batches by boiling fresh fruit and unrefined cane sugar with a little vanilla or almond extract. That’s it.

Simplicity means there’s no way to hide imperfection. No mysterious chemicals and thickeners to create gloppy solidity — La Trinquelinette is gloriously loose and drippy. No sweeteners or flavorings to cover up less than stellar fruit. La Trinquelinette is made from organic apricots, rhubarb, berries, and citrus in the height of their ripe, sweet, dazzling perfection. It’s the concentrated essence of currant, or cherry, or whatever flavor you fancy — the strawberry jam tastes more of strawberry than a strawberry itself.

Bernard Berilley is the father of La Trinquelinette, where he lovingly oversees his jam-making disciples in the Burgundy region of France. Painstaking time, effort and artisanal craftsmanship go into the contents of his jars. It shows. And people notice: This is the brand of jam that Parisians prefer at home, and it’s proudly served in the loveliest French coffeehouses.

This wonderful, potent stuff will bring some sunshine to each day. Wake up to fine bread with butter and a generous smear of bitter orange jam. Or add a heaping spoonful of raspberry jam to tangy, thick Greek yogurt. Warm La Trinquelinette jam on a simple, buttery cake will take your breath away. Or make totally over-the-top Linzer cookies with them. This jam also makes a great host or hostess gift, birthday gift, or present for the holidays.

TELL US: How will you put stupendous jam to good use?

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