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Why We Love: Biscuiterie Latour Waffles

Latour Chocolate WafflesWhen you want to hibernate indoors and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation, fortify your home with phenomenally delicious sweets, and Biscuiterie Latour’s Gaufres de Liege — sugar waffles — have you covered. These are special enough to ring in the holidays, make great host and hostess gifts, and they’re comforting enough to cure a relentless case of winter blues. They’re sufficiently superb to share proudly with your most discerning foodie guests, or present as a triumphant dinner party finale. They’re pretty enough to give to friends and family, but good enough that you’d much prefer keep them for yourself!

These will transport you to the 19th Century North of France, where a family known for their light-as-air yet richly decadent gaufres started to sell their closely guarded recipe. Fast forward to now. The waffles are still lovingly made in small batches in Givet, France, from only simple, rustic, and pure ingredients like brown sugar, butter, eggs and flour.

They hit an ethereal flaky/buttery/crispy sweet spot. These are glorious things! They come either dipped in deeply dark chocolate, or unadulterated in all their buttery glory. The plain ones make great accompaniments for morning coffee or afternoon tea, and are ideal vehicles for your favorite jam, honey, or syrup. The chocolate ones need no tinkering. Nonetheless, crumbling one on top of a bowl of vanilla ice cream will elevate it to uncharted heights of tastiness.

TELL US: What’s your favorite way to enjoy Latour waffles?

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