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Why We Love: Shim’on Harissa Sauce

Harissa AppetizerThe folks in Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria are condiment geniuses. We have ketchup; they have harissa. A potent, kicky concoction of piri piri (a variety of chili pepper), serranos, garlic, and spice, this stuff is incredible and incredibly addictive.

Shim’on harissa is imported from France, not the Middle East, and they too take harissa seriously. Inside the jar, you’ll find all natural ingredients, and nothing else. And kosher foodies take note: It’s kosher! Shim’on harissa should live in your kitchen cabinet at all times. This will ensure you are never without a quick and utterly delicious blast of pungency. Shim’on Harissa also makes a great gift for your food-loving friends and family.

Harissa uses are infinite. Everything it touches will turn to yummy, spicy, nuanced gold. A smear of Shim’on harissa will perk up your sandwich or pizza. Rub this wonderful, fiery paste on meats or fish before searing or grilling for a pop of flavor. Mix a dollop into butter and toss with steamed veggies or couscous. Or add to fancy oil-packed tuna and chickpeas or white beans for a fantastic salad.

You can give ketchup a rest and break out the harissa for french fry dipping, burger boosting, and scrambled egg amplifying. Or make yourself a Parisian street sandwich: Spread harissa generously on a toasted baguette, and top with grilled merguez (Moroccan lamb sausage). When it comes to harissa, you can do no wrong.

Shim’on harissa is sold in regular and extra hot varieties at Fairway stores and Fairway’s online store Fairway Marketplace. Pick it up as a last-minute Christmas or Hanukkah gift. Or if you’re going to a New Year’s Eve dinner party, give it as a host or hostess gift.

TELL US: How do you put harissa to good use?

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