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Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Pies Now at Fairway

Pumpkin PieThere are lovers and haters when it comes to pumpkin or sweet potato pies. If you’re a hater, I’m going to urge you to give these holiday and seasonal pies one more chance. You don’t have to miss out on enjoying these edible traditions anymore. Every scathing criticism you may have had for other pumpkin and sweet potato pies in the past will be squashed with one bite of Fairway’s pies. Before I tried them for the first time recently, I was skeptical. I had never tasted one of these types of pies that didn’t cause me to curl up the side of my mouth in an attempt to finish something I was dying to spit out. But I’ve now been converted to a lover who goes back for seconds and thirds with no self-control.

Fairway’s Pumpkin Pie is perfectly spiced with a light and airy texture. The buttery, flaky, crisp crust has that wonderful hint of salt that makes all the flavors in your mouth pop. The ripples in the round edge of the crust bear the marks of delicate fingers that have stretched, caressed, and delicately pinched the dough into place with handcrafted love and attention. And Fairway’s Sweet Potato Pie is made from a recipe that our bakery department has tweaked, developed, and mastered over several years. Plus, the extra brown sugar in the pie caramelizes it even more. Get a fork!

TELL US: What do you love about pumpkin or sweet potato pie?

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