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Perk Up with Kate’s Energy Bars

Kate's Energy Bars at Fairway

Kate’s Energy Bars at Fairway

Kate Schade, creator of Kate’s Real Food, first started making energy bars for herself and her friends when she was in her 20s, and needed something to nosh on while riding the slopes and taking trams at ski resorts.

The bars are made with nothing but natural and organic ingredients. And while athletes love them, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy them. They’re simple snacks made from simple ingredients that pack a lot of taste while providing power to help fuel you during an outdoor adventure or a tiring day of running errands. They can also be that quick bite you need to satisfy that mid-afternoon craving and provide that pick-me-up you desperately need to get through a long day of work while thinking clearly and performing well. So whether you’re a hiker, a biker, a skier, runner, a cyclist, a triathlete, or just lead an on-the-go lifestyle, these convenient bars deliver.

“You can taste the care and love that goes into these products. They’re made in small batches, and you can actually see the seeds, and other ingredients that go into the product. This all adds to the great texture each bar has,” says Guy Chandonnet, Fairway’s Natural Foods Coordinator.

Fairway sells all five of Kate’s Energy Bars, available in all stores:

Kate’s Tram Bar

Made with: organic rolled oats; organic tropical blossom honey (a dark and rich honey); organic peanut butter; milk chocolate; rice nuggets (made of rice flour, rice bran, raisin juice concentrate, honey, and salt); organic dried bananas; organic dried apricots; organic raisins; organic sunflower seeds; organic sesame seeds; sea salt.

Kate’s Grizzly Bar

Made of: the same ingredients as the Tram Bar, but instead of milk chocolate, this bar is made with organic dark chocolate.

Kate’s Caz Bar

Made with: organic raisins; organic sesame seeds, organic dark chocolate, rice nuggets, sea salt, organic coconut, organic wildflower honey, organic almond butter, organic cocoa powder, organic garam masala (a blend of Indian spices, such as organic cumin, organic coriander, organic cardamom, organic cloves, organic black pepper, and organic cinnamon); organic cayenne pepper.

Kate’s Handle Bar

Made with: organic oats, organic honey, organic dark chocolate, rice nuggets, sea salt, organic almond butter, organic sweetened dried cherries, organic almonds.

Kate’s Organic Stash Bar

Made with: organic oats, Organic honey, organic peanut butter, organic dark chocolate, rice nuggets, sea salt, organic flax seeds, organic hemp seeds.

TELL US: Have you tried Kate’s energy bars? Which is your favorite?

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