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New in Stores! Olive Focaccia

Fairway Olive and Parmesan FocacciaSay it with me: FO-CA-CHA-CHA, because there will be a dance party in your mouth when you take a bite of this bread. It was mid-afternoon on a weekday when I first tried it, and at first sight, the soft, fluffy bread, smeared with olive paste and topped with a crisp, baked layer of piquant parmesan cheese set me into a feeding frenzy.

I first set it on my desk, thinking I would save it for a dinner appetizer. But knowing it was right there, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t write. I had to have it. It only took a minute of staring at that puffy and briny wedge before I ripped open the plastic wrapper, and devoured it in about three big bites.

It’s irresistible, and it’s now at the bakery counter at all Fairway stores. You can have this rustic bread alone like I did. (I’d like to say that I always reserve ingredients for their perfect pairings, but as you’ve read, I often find myself digging in unabashedly. I’m not afraid to say it, when it comes to bread, I have few reservations. The other day, walking home while carrying a Fairway baguette, I actually bit the end off while carrying it. It just took one sniff to leave self-control behind.) Or you can pair the olive focaccia with scrambled eggs or soup. With its autumnal colors, Fairway’s Olive Focaccia makes a great appetizer at a Halloween party, too.

TELL US: What do you like to pair focaccia with?

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