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Game-Day Roast Beef Sandwiches

Rare Roast Beef SandwichIt’s three days away from Sunday football, and like all great events, food is as much a part of the good time as you are. But those bites better score a touchdown whether you’re tailgating or cheering for your home team from the sidelines of your couch. Score your equivalent of a field goal with a winning roast beef sandwich.

Easy to make, all you need is 10 minutes in your local Fairway to make a quick run for the ingredients. First stop, the deli counter for the main event — freshly made, thin-cut slices of roast beef, prepared from a top round of beef. You can choose between a conventional roast beef or one made from a grass-fed, organic top round of beef. Both cuts of meat produce a moist roast, because our cooks get them straight from our butchers who get deliveries of fresh beef every day, which is why either choice will deliver the most perfectly cooked, tender slice of roast beef you’ve ever had. Soft in your mouth, full of nuanced flavor, I guarantee you’ll start eating it before you even put a slice between two pieces of bread, so buy more than you need. I promise you that you’ll eat more than you think you will. I typically buy 1/2 a pound for two people, and that gets devoured within a day or two.

Next stop, the mozzarella counter to grab a ball of our hand-pulled mozzarella that’s made fresh daily. Then shoot on over to our appetizing section, and get a mix of our Red and Golden Peppadew Peppers. But before you head to the checkout line, grab a bottle of our Fairway Vermouth Artisanal Vinegar (slightly tart, yet sweet, and it smells like honey!), while whizzing past our bakery section to pick up some rolls or a Fairway baguette that’s probably still warm from our ovens.

Once home, construct the mega sub. Tear off a piece of bread (who needs neat edges?), pull the sides apart or cut two halves, drizzle some vermouth vinegar on each half, add your roast beef, piling it on as high as you want it. Cut some slices of mozzarella and pile them on, too. Then slice your Peppadew peppers, arranging them on your sandwich to add some more sweet and tangy layers of flavor. Last, the denouement to this masterpiece is to drizzle more vermouth vinegar before topping with the other half of crusty bread. Game on!

TELL US: How do you like to enjoy your roast beef sandwiches?

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One Response to “Game-Day Roast Beef Sandwiches”

  1. October 13, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

    Bread, mustard, and freshly grated-then-pureed-with-vinegar horseradish. Those are the only things you need to enjoy Fairway’s roast beef if you ask me. :) Although I have to try that vermouth vinegar now!

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