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A Blood Orange Cocktail to Celebrate the Season

Not many fruits are in season during the latter part of winter, but there is one bright spot on this stretch of the produce calendar: blood oranges! This blushing citrus ...

Falling In Love with Cheese

A box of chocolates is nice on Valentine’s Day. But to really get straight to the heart of a foodie, your best bet is cheese. Few things elicit gasps of ...

Our Top Wines & Spirits for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Flowers, check. Chocolates, check. Drinks… check! At Fairway, we’ve got everything you need to impress your one and only on Valentine’s Day. Just look for our in-store displays brimming with ...

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An Instant Pot Chorizo Chili Recipe for Game Day!

This Sunday, we bet there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be one of the 100 million+ people tuning in for some football. Even if you don’t know you quarterbacks from your running backs, there are always plenty of good reasons to throw or grab yourself an invite to a game day party. There are the […]

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This Chart Will Help You Be the MVP of Your Game Day Party

Need a game plan for your game day party? You don’t have to make like a running back just to find the perfect appetizer. We’ve put together the flowchart below to help you feed everyone on your team. Check it out and make sure to pick up winning game day foods at your local Fairway […]

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Cook Up a Low-FODMAP Polenta with Dédé Wilson and Fody!

Have you heard about the low-FODMAP diet? This meal plan is often recommended for adults with digestive symptoms and conditions like IBS, which affects 10-15% of the global population. In a nutshell, it involves avoiding foods high in FODMAPs (fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols), which can trigger bloating, gas, and abdominal pain. Some of the major high-FODMAP foods to […]

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Recipes for Celebrating National Peanut Butter Day!

Creamy, crunchy, savory, sweet. No matter which way you like your peanut butter, there’s no denying this food’s superstar status. So this January 24th, we’re naturally spreading the news about National Peanut Butter Day! Peanut butter’s iconic status is in many ways tied to its equally iconic history. You might remember from your school days […]

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How to Stay Fueled on the Keto Diet

If you follow health trends at all, you’ve likely heard about the keto diet—it’s the latest high-fat, low-carb regimen to drum up attention. What sets this diet apart from the others is that it goes beyond just following a meal plan (although that certainly is a part of it). Keto specifically focuses on achieving and […]

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A Healthy Chicken Recipe To Go With This Week’s Savings!

Have you checked out all of this week’s deals at your local Fairway? If you haven’t yet, head to our website to see all of the savings. From produce to protein and so much more, there are incredible prices to be found in every aisle. Just in case you’re wondering what to do with your […]

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CBD 101

New item alert! Fairway Essential Wellness Full Spectrum Hemp Products are now at Fairway Market stores. Available as balms, capsules, lotions, and oils, each contains a custom, proprietary blend of Full Spectrum CBD, a natural compound that’s at the forefront of wellness world. The beginning of the year is when we all take time to […]

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Non-Dairy Milks Making a Splash

In the beginning, there were rice and soy milks. Then, almond, cashew and coconut came along. It seems like every day someone has found a new food to turn into a creamy beverage. If you’re a non-dairy drinker, there’s never been a better time. At Fairway, our experts are always looking for the next big […]

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A Recipe From La Preferida Fit For a Fiesta!

2019 is here, which means it’s the perfect time to try something new, like a recipe! Our friends at La Preferida shared their twist on Mexican Stuffed Peppers with us and let’s just say we’re in love. Hearty, hot and full of flavor, it’s just the thing for starting off the year deliciously. With ground beef and rice inside bell […]

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Mini Pies are the Perfect Party App for New Year’s and Beyond

New Year’s parties are all about celebrating the new things to come. So why would you serve the same ol’ snacks at one? Your shindig is the perfect time to try a new hors d’oeuvre recipe that’ll set a cheerful tone—this year, we’re all about mini pies. Featuring your choice of filling nestled inside a […]

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