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Taste of the Seasons – Interview with Andy and Mike

  1) What’s your favorite part of Fairway? Andy (District Manager): Our people. We have a lot of experts and dedicated people who have worked their way up from clerks, ...

Taste of the Seasons

Our Taste of the Seasons event was a huge success! It was our way of sharing what will come as we enter the holiday season. We love being part of ...

Fairway Fall Beverage Guide

Autumn is the perfect time to cozy up with a cup of flavorful coffee, spiced teas, pumpkin-flavored beers, and sparkling ciders. We carry an extensive array of special beverages and ...

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The Impossible™ Burger Has Landed at Fairway!

Endless possibilities in your kitchen now that Fairway carries the Impossible™ Burger The Impossible™ Burger, the revolutionary plant-based meat that’s taking the world by storm, is finally available in Manhattan. You can find it in all of Fairway’s Manhattan and Brooklyn locations. Made to win over even the most devoted meat-lovers, this savory creation is unbelievably […]

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Discover Ka-Pop! Ancient Grain Chips.

The not-so-secret superpower snack that better nourishes your body—and tastes great! The brainchild for this product was born from the pursuit to bring true crave-worthy taste to healthy snacks through simple, delicious ingredients. The company’s founder, Dustin Finkel, is a health and fitness enthusiast, who having been in the food space for many years, realized […]

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Sweet and Sour Brisket for the High Holidays

Today’s savory and delicious Jewish tradition of Holiday Brisket is steeped in the history of Eastern Europe, when overlooked cuts of meat, often considered too “tough” to enjoy, were the only cuts that were affordable to many Jewish people. The secret to cooking brisket is allowing enough time for the fat cap on the brisket […]

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Introducing The Fairway Collection

Artisan, handcrafted foods curated from around the world. Fairway Market has always taken great pride in sourcing the most delectable foods from around the world. Whether it’s from a local, artisan producer or a time-honored family business from abroad; it’s the hard work we put in to finding these amazing foods that you can’t find […]

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Snacks Are Back – Fuel Their Minds with the Best!

The best snacks to pack for going back Before your kids head back to school, here’s a little lesson in what you should be packing for healthy snacking. Your kids are going to have a lot on their plates, so don’t load them up with sugar. Nature provides all the sweetness they need. And we have an […]

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National Family Meals Month

Fooding is Better Together Fairway is proud to partner with National Family Meals Month. We’re working together to help bring your family closer together too. How? By committing to having at least one family meal per week.  Studies show that eating just one meal a week together can have a big impact on kids’ emotional health, grades and social […]

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Summer Grilling Tips from Fairway Executive Chef Laura Licona

The tantalizing smells of grilling season are in the air. And if you love all the flavors that come with those aromas as much as we do, you’ll want to take your barbecue to a higher level. The good news is that it’s not that hard to do. These five simple, savory tips from our […]

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6 Foods to Beat the Heat

Cool off from the inside out Staying cool all starts with what you’re eating. Here are some suggestions on how to stay cool and refreshed during these hot summer days.   CITRUS FRUITS Oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits are a few citrus fruits that are full of vitamins and antioxidants that leave you feeling refreshed […]

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Quick, Healthy & Easy Chicken Salad

Fairway Rotisserie Chicken A juicy addition to your salad rotation Adding chicken to a salad is a delicious way to work in protein for a more balanced and healthy meal. But when you’re a bird on the fly, the time and effort it takes to properly marinate and cook an entire chicken to juicy perfection […]

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Quench your thirst with these spiked summer cocktails

Boylan’s and Cheerwine colas are great choices for mixing up some simple and super refreshing summer cocktails. You can find all the ingredients at Fairway. So make your shopping list and give these a shot! Click here to get all the ingredients below delivered straight to your door. Cheerwine Colada • Cheerwine • 5 oz Pina Colada […]

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