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A Sweet Story, Sicilian Style: Fiasconaro Panettone & Spreads for the Holidays

In the shadows of the Modonie Mountains, the small beautiful village of Castelbuono stands in the valley. The town took its name from the 14th century landmark “Castello Del Buon Aere” or “Castle of the Good Air”. Castelbuono, is part … Continue reading

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Make Jerk Chicken Magic with Miss Lily’s Jerk Sauce

On a not-particularly-pretty, busy stretch of Houston Street, there’s a place that’s way too cool for me. Probably for you, too. Miss Lily’s is many things. It’s a great Caribbean juice bar called Melvin’s Juice Box, that sells way-virtuous concoctions … Continue reading

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Cool New Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Walking along New York City streets during the summertime feels like walking through a clammy rainforest- however, the tree shade is replaced by skyscrapers that exaggerate the already stifling heat. A sticky humidity resonates along the avenues, and I often … Continue reading

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Olive Oil Revelry! The New York International Olive Oil Competition, Sponsored by Fairway Market, Comes to New York City

This is rock and roll. This is exciting, big stuff. This April, New York City will host the most important extra virgin olive oil contest the world has ever seen. It is only right that Fairway Market—New York’s beloved EVOO … Continue reading

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Fairway Firsts: How We Heralded the Food Revolution and Why We Rock

If I were to list all the foodstuffs we pioneered over the years here at Fairway it would require a great deal more time and effort than I am prepared to give at the moment.  Cheeses?  Too many to even … Continue reading

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