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We’re Crazy for New Fairway Quinoa! + 4 Easy Quinoa Recipes to Cook Up Tonight

Quinoa looks like a grain, smells like a grain, and tastes like a grain…but quinoa is actually a vegetable.  A member of the beetroot and spinach family, quinoa is known as a superfood for its high fiber and protein content.  … Continue reading

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Cool New Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Walking along New York City streets during the summertime feels like walking through a clammy rainforest- however, the tree shade is replaced by skyscrapers that exaggerate the already stifling heat. A sticky humidity resonates along the avenues, and I often … Continue reading

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Mostarda and Misozuke: Two Awesome New Products Giving Me The Shivers

Another day in the life of Fairway Market: ridiculously cool new products arrive. Of course, that is after our team spends time in the far reaches of Chicago and Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam, and beyond–searching for the universe’s most fabulous foodstuffs, befriending … Continue reading

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Moonlight and Silver Dollars in Vermont: Our New Pancakes

We have a hit.  Our Fairway Pancakes just hit the stores two weeks ago, and one thing is for sure, you love them- really LOVE them.  We couldn’t be more delighted about that. Can you imagine how many pancakes we … Continue reading

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