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Quick, Easy, Vegetarian: Mushroom, Fairway Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Goat Cheese Tart

Talk about a quick, delicious dinner concept! Take a puff pastry, cover with sautéed mushrooms and succulent Fairway Sun-Dried Tomatoes, top with goat cheese. For extra flavor, you can also add dalops of Fairway Sun-Dried Tomato Olive Tapenade. Now that’s a cheesy, flakey tart, with warm, fresh mushrooms and the depth of flavor that only Fairway’s exclusive […]

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Magic Mushrooms: Steve Talks Fresh ‘Shrooms

Our mushrooms are “wild-cultivated” mushrooms.  They are not harvested in the wild.  They are grown in a sterile environment under completely sterile and hygienic conditions.  Your Fairway pioneered the development of wild-cultivated mushrooms long before any other food retailer knew such a thing existed.  We were the first food store in the country to offer […]

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Magical Mushrooms: How to Use Fresh and Dried ‘Shrooms for Very Big Flavor

Steve fills us in on what to do with those cool, gorgeous porcini, cremini, chanterelles, and oysters; and why good cooks ought never be caught without dried ‘shrooms on hand. The Beauty of Wild, Fresh Mushrooms Never wash a mushroom. Wipe away any impurity with a cloth or a brush. Cut off the stem ends […]

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