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Head to Red Hook This Weekend On The Ferry! All Aboard!

This weekend, we’re celebrating more than Memorial Day and the official start of picnicking and grilling season. Great, delicious things are happening in Red Hook. First, the Red Hook Patio Grill is BACK. Get your pitch-perfect summer lunch here, and delve into Chef Mitchel London’s classic, fantastic cooking on the waterfront overlook sweeping views of the Statue […]

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Spotlight on Scallops

There are about 300 species of scallops. They live in all salt waters of the world, and all are edible–and although I have not tried all 300 varieties, it is probably safe to surmise that all are delicious. The candy of the sea! They can be pearly right, iridescent rose, or even purple or blue. They are deceivingly easy […]

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Our Master Butcher Ray Venezia On How to Create Burger Perfection

This Saturday, our Rock Stars were out in force in Fairway Red Hook. We showered customers with rich and toasty iced coffee; fresh oozy burrata just in from Puglia; hot dogs with some of our favorite condiments–Andre Laurent sauerkraut, balsamic ketchup, and our brand new and awesome Fairway mustard; and the sweetest melon that has […]

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