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Panettone & Stollen

Holiday Gifts: Panettone, Stollen & More

Cakes and candies are as much a welcomed part of the holiday season as snowflakes. And Fairway wouldn’t be LIKE NO OTHER MARKET® if we didn’t offer festive global flavors. Right now, our stores are full of traditional Italian Panettone and German Stollen, along with an assortment of British treats our Specialty Department brought in […]

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Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Pies Now at Fairway

There are lovers and haters when it comes to pumpkin or sweet potato pies. If you’re a hater, I’m going to urge you to give these holiday and seasonal pies one more chance. You don’t have to miss out on enjoying these edible traditions anymore. Every scathing criticism you may have had for other pumpkin […]

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Apple Pie Slice

Pick of the Day: Apple Pie

If you’re a fan of fashion, fall signals that it’s time to break out the boots, but when you’re a fan of food, digging into apple pie is as necessary as raking leaves — a duty that’s accepted with gusto … that is, the eating part of the season. Even many cake lovers will succumb […]

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Cheese Blintz

Pick of the Day: Blintzes

Crepes are one of those so simple yet sophisticated looking kitchen concoctions that make guests drool and make you feel like you just won a quickfire on Bravo’s Top Chef. Not that different from American pancakes, crepes are flat and thin, rather than being fluffy and thick, and they’re made with a lighter batter. Those […]

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