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Weekend Recipe: Indoor S’mores

Summer is s’mores season at Fairway! We’re celebrating in stores now promoting the chocolate-y, gooey, sweet and savory s’more. As far as easy, fun desserts go, does it get any better than s’mores? We don’t think so! If accessing an open fire isn’t an option or desired, try these easy Indoor S’mores that you bake […]

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Carla Hall Brings Cookie Love to Fairway

Carla Hall’s name may sound familiar to you. Maybe you’ve watched her do her thing on “The Chew” or on “Top Chef,” and have fallen for her food savvy and bubbly charisma. We like TV, but we love cookies even more. When we tasted her flavorful, savory, oh-so-cute, bite-sized cookies, we knew we had to […]

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We All Scream for Ice Cream: 5 Incredible Ice Creams that Belong in your Freezer NOW

We love all food with a fiery passion, but there is something extra happy-making about ice cream (and gelato, sorbet, fro-yo, milkshakes, sundaes…). Ice cream is good for the soul. We happen to carry an awesome, delicious cornucopia of ice cream. If you’re going to indulge, don’t just settle for any ol’ pint. Here are […]

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Dreamy, Love-Filled Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Some cliches are cliche for good reason. Chocolate for your valentine is always a good bet, especially when in the form of flourless, fudge cookies spiked with chili powder. No special someone in your life right now? Your friends and coworkers will appreciate some honey-fried figs, we promise. And whipping up this easy chocolate molten […]

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New, Awesome: Handmade Macarons from Macaron Cafe

A model macaron is  delicate, exquisite–notoriously hard to make, light-as-air, elegant. Plus incredibly tasty, of course. We’ve seen a macaron explosion in New York, and we’re not surprised. What’s not to love? Macarons are essentially two cookies sandwiching ganache or jam, and yet, they are much more. They’re also a sort of fashion statement of a […]

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Happy National Strawberry Parfait Day!

In case you didn’t notice, strawberry season is NOW. We sell strawberries all year long, but there’s nothing like the just-picked, sweeter-than-candy goodness that is in season for but a flash right now in Long Island and nearby. These strawberries are so ethereal and otherworldly and perfect that it feels almost sacrilege to do anything […]

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You’ve Got to Try Graeter’s Ice Cream As Soon As You Possibly Can

Graeter’s puts everyday ice cream to shame. In case you mistrust my hyperbole: we’re jaded about these things. Our awesome Frozen buyer Guy is inundated with a constant flood of new and wonderful ice cream. (Poor Guy!) He tries the local, the handmade, the exquisite, flavors from classic to wildly funky. It takes something extraordinary to […]

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Latour Chocolate Waffles

Why We Love: Biscuiterie Latour Waffles

When you want to hibernate indoors and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation, fortify your home with phenomenally delicious sweets, and Biscuiterie Latour’s Gaufres de Liege — sugar waffles — have you covered. These are special enough to ring in the holidays, make great host and hostess gifts, and they’re comforting enough to cure a […]

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Belberry Raspberry Jam

Why We Love: Belberry Jam, Sauce & Vinegar

For a seriously great gift, you’ll need to hit all the great gift notes. It’s got to be beautiful and beautifully packaged, super high quality, enormously tasty, and something worth talking about. Belberry has you covered. Belberry is a small Belgian outfit, born in the late 19th century in the tiny, idyllic West Flemish town […]

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Panettone & Stollen

Holiday Gifts: Panettone, Stollen & More

Cakes and candies are as much a welcomed part of the holiday season as snowflakes. And Fairway wouldn’t be LIKE NO OTHER MARKET® if we didn’t offer festive global flavors. Right now, our stores are full of traditional Italian Panettone and German Stollen, along with an assortment of British treats our Specialty Department brought in […]

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