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Brand New at Fairway: Hot Tamales and Extraordinary Empanadas!

Our new Latin Table line is here! Authentic recipes and incredible ingredients merge to create crave-able, quality treats. Our empanadas and tamales make perfect appetizers or snacks, or pair them with a soup or salad for an enviable lunch. Pick ‘em up at the refrigerated deli case at your Fairway. Pre-cooked and ready-to-devour, these come […]

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Super-Delicious Superfoods at Fairway Market!

Superfoods have become all the rage in the healthy eating world.  What exactly is a superfood?  Allow me to explain; these foods go way beyond your everyday supply of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, fueling the body in ways you could have never even imagined.  From powerful cancer-fighting antioxidants to heart disease-battling polyphenols, superfoods cover the […]

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Get Your Head Out of the Oven! Our Favorite No-Cook Meals

People–it’s hot. Hot enough to get sweaty in the one short block from apartment to subway. Hot enough to think any activity in AC or a body of water is enormously enticing. Hot enough that I don’t want to go anywhere near an oven, or a hot stovetop, or anything to risk raising my already […]

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