Steve Jenkins on Olive Oil Hysteria: Why Fairway Market EVOO Is Fresh, High Quality, and Always Trustworthy

Steve Jenkins wrote this open letter in response to Nicholas Blechman’s infographic article for the New York Times. If you care about olive oil, which we know you do, you will be interested!

Mr Blechman,

Your “Extra Virgin Suicide” graphic essay is highly misleading.  Continue reading

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Win Her/His Heart & Stomach with these Sexy Valentine’s Day Recipes

Valentines Day is approaching fast! Nothing shows your love like something luscious you make with your own two hands and delicious Fairway ingredients.

Continue reading

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Hot Potato! Party Idea for the Big Game: Bring Out a Baked Potato Bar

Who doesn’t love baked potatoes? A potato itself is a delicious, filling, and nutritious wonder. Potatoes are chock full of fiber, vitamin B6, and vitamin C, and antioxidants. They’re way affordable. Bake a big batch, then lay out a spread of tasty toppings to bring the ‘taters to the next level. Each guest can customize their potato in style. No small potato!

Choose potatoes that are similar in size, so that they cook evenly. Russets are great for baking—their high starch content means they come out sturdy yet fluffy.

Bake your Potatoes!

-          Scrub them under water, and then dry thoroughly.

-          Put them on a rimmed baking sheet. Generously drizzle Fairway extra-virgin olive oil, and toss/rub to evenly coat potatoes.

-          Poke a few holes in each potato with a fork (this prevents potato explosions—always a good idea!).  Continue reading

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Step Up your Game! Dos and Don’ts for the Ultimate Big Game Party

The Big Game demands a Big Party. That doesn’t mean a lot of work or a lot of stress…just a lot of fun, especially with these tips.

Do: Stock up on classics

Nuts, pretzels, chips, and dips are practically mandatory on game day. At Fairway, we make it easy to upgrade the basics. After all—this is a party! Make a beeline for our Dried Fruits and Nuts department.  Our almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, and more are simply bigger, better, and fresher. We mix up over 30 varieties of snack mixes to die for. All 30 are addictive and total snack heaven, but I’m a sucker for the Spicy Cajun Snack Mix.  Continue reading

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The Amazing & Powerful Health Benefits of Tea

There is nothing quite like cozying up to a fireplace in the middle of winter with a hot cup of tea.  Not only is this activity healthy for your mind and soul, it is also healthy for your body!  Tea drinking originated in China during the Shang Dynasty (1500BC- 1046 BC) and has been used throughout history for religious and medicinal purposes.  Today, Western researchers are interested in just what these medicinal purposes served and give evidence for many health benefits associated with drinking tea.

Though coffee might be the preferred pick-me-up in America, tea is a great alternative with less caffeine and acidity.  With so many delicious varieties of teas to choose from, you’ll be sure to find your new favorite.  Continue reading

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We’re Crazy for Calamari! Fresh from the Docks: an Unsung, Delicious, Thrifty Hero

We’re onto you! You order calamari in restaurants often, but you’re intimidated to pick up some squid from your Fairway Seafood counter and try your hand at cooking up the tasty mollusks (that’s the family which includes calamari, clams, and oysters).

Fear no more. Squid is so easy to cook, so ridiculously well-priced, so tasty, and healthy to boot. It’s a versatile protein that can be grilled up outside, stuffed (try ground pork, cheese, bread crumbs!) and roasted, breaded and fried, or cooked slowly in a stew. “We carry some of the best squid known to man (or woman),” says Dennis Bland, the Director of Fairway’s Meat & Seafood. “Fresh never frozen and always tender and delicious!” Continue reading

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Tea 101: Tea, The More You Know, Or, A Trip Down the Tea Rabbit Hole

January is a time of new starts. With the new year comes resolutions to change, hopefully for the better. One simple change that you can make is to drink more tea! Yes, tea! The lovely drink made from a leaf. The second most consumed liquid in the world (after water and before beer).

People have been drinking tea for nearly all of recorded history for the delicious flavor and aroma and the feelings of alertness that the minimal amount of caffeine found in tea can provide. Compared to the shot of caffeine in coffee, which can give you a quick burst but fade away just as quickly, tea tends to provide a longer lasting sense of sustained energy, making it perfect for afternoon grogginess. Continue reading

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Pillowy Fairway Gnocchi: The Speediest, Tastiest Dinner Ever

Presto! Pronto! Need dinner in a snap? Need GOOD dinner in a snap? Brand new, super delicious Fairway gnocchi are here for you.

Fairway Gnocchi are from the Veneto region of Italy, and they are by far the finest gnocchi in our considerable gnocchi experience.  They are made using fresh, specially grown, German potatoes.  They are delicate, light and tender, and you will taste the potato.  Continue reading

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Stay Healthy and Glowing All Winter Long!

Here’s to a healthy 2014! Start your year out right with these all-natural remedies to keep you in tip-top fighting shape. Even better: these items are on deal for $9.99, all January long. Stop by the Organic & Natural department at your Fairway to pick them up and check out thousands more useful, unusual, and awesome finds. Don’t know where to start? Our knowledgeable supplement specialists can guide you through our mind-boggling selection of homeopathy, vitamins, herbs, and minerals to help you find exactly what you need.  Continue reading

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5 Healthy and Delicious Foods to Feast On in 2014

The New Year is all about reflection, resolution, and a fresh start.  Whether you vow to exercise two days a week, add one extra vegetable to your diet, or begin eating breakfast, even the smallest change can lead to a world of difference in how you look and, more importantly, feel.  Continue reading

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