Flash Frozen: 10 Tasty Reasons to Stock Up On Frozen Fruits and Veggies

Frozen fruits and vegetables often get a bad rap—think old fashioned microwaved carrots and peas sapped of any nutritional value.  The truth is there are many amazing benefits to eating frozen produce.  Frozen fruits and vegetables save you time, save you money from the high prices of imported produce, and contain even more nutritional value than fresh produce.

The secret behind the hidden nutrition of frozen produce is the flash freezing process.  Nutritional value is at its peak the moment the fruit is ripe and picked.  Depending on the number of days between harvest and consumption, that fruit or vegetable could be seriously lacking in vitamins and minerals (one study found that up to 45% of nutritional value may be lost).  Flash freezing eliminates this problem by freezing the produce the moment it is picked, at the peak of ripeness, sealing in all of the wonderful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they have to offer.   Continue reading

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The New York International Olive Oil Competition Returns to New York for its Second Amazing Year

This is rock ‘n roll. This is exciting, big stuff. This April, New York City will host the most important extra virgin olive oil contest the world has ever seen. It is only right that Fairway Market—New York’s beloved EVOO mecca—sponsor this 3-day extravaganza of great chefs, serious food, seminars, conversation, and of course, wonderful olive oil. An international panel of leading experts will identify and honor the best extra-virgin olive oils in the world.

Culinary professionals, food industry executives, chefs and journalists are lining up to attend the myriad seminars, which will span olive oil production, quality and chemistry, sensory enjoyment, culinary applications, olive oil varieties, marketing and promotion, trade issues and much more. If you care about olive oil, you ought to be joining us.  Continue reading

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5 Super-Healthy Seeds To Eat Now!

Think about it—the delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables you eat on a daily basis originate from a seed.  So eating the seed itself has got to be healthy, right?  Seeds are in fact some of the healthiest foods you can eat!   They will give your salads crunch, your oatmeal extra nuttiness, and your breads added nutrition.

The seed is an embryonic plant that is still enclosed in its protective seed coat.  Because it hasn’t yet shed this coat, it stores all of its nutrients that would otherwise be shared with a seedling.  The nutrients inside vary based on the type of plant from which the seed is derived.  When you eat a seed, you are nourishing your body with optimal, high concentrations of essential oils, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.  Seeds come in all different shapes and sizes and you probably eat them every day, maybe without even knowing it.  Try adding these seeds to your meals or simply as a mid-afternoon snack for a nutritious pick-me-up.  Continue reading

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Brand New at Fairway: Hot Tamales and Extraordinary Empanadas!

Our new Latin Table line is here! Authentic recipes and incredible ingredients merge to create crave-able, quality treats. Our empanadas and tamales make perfect appetizers or snacks, or pair them with a soup or salad for an enviable lunch. Pick ‘em up at the refrigerated deli case at your Fairway. Pre-cooked and ready-to-devour, these come with chipotle dip and avocado-tomatillo sauce. Nomnom.  Continue reading

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Fantastic Fats! Know your Heart Healthy Fats

Who said fats are the forbidden food??  Well, lots of people.  Hopefully after reading this you’ll think a little bit differently.  Fats aren’t considered an essential nutrient for nothing.  They are important for a variety of reasons including ensuring absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, maintaining hormonal balance, and of course keeping the amazing blood pumping organ that is your heart clean and healthy.

However, all fats are not created equal.  Eating too much unhealthy fat can put you at risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other negative cardiovascular health effects.  For National Heart Month this February, start eating the good fats and do away with the bad.  Learn your heart healthy fats!  Continue reading

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Fairway Is Your Source for your Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts: Tasty Present Picks

Tick, tock, the clock is ticking. Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW. You still haven’t gotten a gift for that special someone (or your mom, or your bestie, or yourself)? Don’t stress, just head to Fairway, fast. You’re present conundrum is solved.

Here are some gifts we’re giving to show some seriously delicious love. We guarantee they will win over hearts and stomachs.

Fairway Macarons

Macarons are objects of true beauty. We’re proud to introduce our new Fairway Macarons. They are delicate, exquisite, light-as-air, and elegant. Plus incredibly tasty, of course.

Délicieux! Straight from Paris! Choose from chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, & pistachio. These make beautiful gifts, or an ideal ending to a romantic (or platonic) meal.  Continue reading

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Make This for Valentine’s Day: Steve’s Mom’s Famous Marinated Shrimp

South Alabama, where my mom and dad drive a couple of miles for buckets of gigantic, freshly seined, wriggling white and red shrimps for half the price of up north.  Destination a beyond-picturesque bayou near Bon Secour where their favorite shrimper lives, a young guy and his wife raising young kids out where the Spanish moss drapes the live oaks, and the brackish Mobile Bay floats his shrimp boat tied up right there by the modest home they live in.  This is shrimp South Alabama-style, Redneck Riviera style.  Anybody can boil, peel, dunk and eat shrimps.  This is the way the locals love their shrimps.  They go farther and taste better with bourbon and a cold beer chaser like this.  Continue reading

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Dreamy Love-Filled Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Some cliches are cliche for good reason. Chocolate for your valentine is always a good bet, especially when in the form of flourless, fudge cookies spiked with chili powder.

No special someone in your life right now? Your friends and coworkers will appreciate some honey-fried figs, we promise. And whipping up this easy chocolate molten cake for yourself? That’s true love, and you absolutely deserve it.  Continue reading

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Steve Jenkins on Olive Oil Hysteria: Why Fairway Market EVOO Is Fresh, High Quality, and Always Trustworthy

Steve Jenkins wrote this open letter in response to Nicholas Blechman’s infographic article for the New York Times. If you care about olive oil, which we know you do, you will be interested!

Mr Blechman,

Your “Extra Virgin Suicide” graphic essay is highly misleading.  Continue reading

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Win Her/His Heart & Stomach with these Sexy Valentine’s Day Recipes

Valentines Day is approaching fast! Nothing shows your love like something luscious you make with your own two hands and delicious Fairway ingredients.

Continue reading

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