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Our Gorgeous New Catalan EVOO

Fairway is shamelessly in love with many Things Catalan. We have a great love affair going on with Things Catalan.  It has been going on for years. Our fine artisanal barrel-shipped vinegars made from sparkling cava, from Priorat red wines, from Catalan vermouth and moscatell wine.  Timeless. Barcelona.  Roman Tarragona.  Penedes and the Priorat – their lovely […]

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Roque Anchoiade

The Amazing Anchoiade Appetizer

There have long existed traditional recipes, centuries-old, for dishes that first thrilled me decades ago, and that even today make my mouth water. And the one I’m about to belabor today is PERFECT for entertaining, one that will impress greatly and be highly memorable. The Riviera’s classic recipes spring to mind when I give it […]

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Stack of Corn Tortillas

Joint of the Week: Tortilleria Nixtamal

Contrary to popular belief that we are only about work at Fairway, we actually get out now and again. There is that side of us that is fascinated by the nooks and crannies of our world-class city and its environs, and there is little we love more than getting out there in order to take […]

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Fairway Fine Ingredients

The Big IDEA (Ingredients, Delicious, Essentials, Advice)

Hey, Fairway! What’s the big IDEA?!? I   ngredients D  elicious E  ssentials A  dvice We love ingredients. For as long as Fairway has been a part of so many people’s lives, it has stood for . . .

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EVOO & Artisanal Vinegars

Fairway’s Fine Food Holiday Gifts

For a long time now, you’ve mentally registered that you get far more pleasure out of giving something memorable than receiving something memorable. We know you. You’re just like us. The nettlesome drudgery of having to go to the trouble to shop for a gift is only made bearable when you come across something you […]

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Olive Oil & Olives

Why Fairway’s EVOO is Exceptional

We’ve seen the face – your expression of sheer delight when you visit our olive oil stations in our stores. Next, cue the amusement-park level of enjoyment as you taste with a sense of discovery, relishing the depth of flavor that bursts in your mouth. In my Ode to Olive Oil essay, I expounded on […]

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Brie Cheese

Break Out of Your Old Cheese Routine

I rarely write about my cheeses anymore, and I don’t really know why. Probably because I spend the vast majority of my time working with my olive oils and vinegars, and other rare artisanal foodstuff that we import direct and exclusively. My cheeses are curated by the master cheesemonger Avanelle Rivera. Unless Ava shouts out […]

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Steve’s Picks for American Cheese Month

Seeing as how I’ve been an American Cheese Society’s (ACS) LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD recipient, and seeing as how OCTOBER IS AMERICAN CHEESE MONTH, it seems only right that I should urge you to contribute to the well-being and vitality of this country’s best artisanal cheeses. Some of my favorites are: ROGUE VALLEY CREAMERY SMOKEY BLUE […]

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Gorgonzola Cheese

Sing the Blues on Moldy Cheese Day

Whosoever thinks he’s being cute with the title of this event (Moldy Cheese Day, on Oct. 9th) isn’t giving due respect to the most magical substance in the entire realm of gastronomy: BLUE CHEESE. Before I list my favorite blue cheeses, you really need to consider the statement above. MOLD is something that occurs to […]

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Olive Oil and Olives

The Truth About First Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

Outside of Fairway, many olive oils are labeled as “first cold pressed,” but that doesn’t mean anything anymore. These days olives are hardly ever crushed, or pressed, except in tiny mills that still have old equipment — and even in those instances, it’s typically for old times’ sake, or for tourists! Olive millers used to […]

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