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“MY Oktoberfest is still going strong.”

When is Oktoberfest, you ask? Some say (correctly, if you’re into that kind of thing) Oktoberbest lasts for 16 days, running until the end of the first week in October. Well, not me, folks, not this time! I’m taking it through the end of the month; who’s coming with me?!?! Strap on your lederhosen, double […]

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From Our Wine Sage: In Praise of Wines in Boxes, Cans, and Beyond!

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to welcome our wildly knowledgeable Fairway Wines & Spirits experts to our blog. Andrew, take it away!    I’m ready to declare victory in the battle for acceptance of screw caps as a viable — if not, in many cases, better — alternative to natural cork. Synthetic cork is an abomination […]

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