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Steve JenkinsSteve Jenkins
Master Cheesemonger and Food Soul of Fairway

When Steve Jenkins joined the Fairway family, he was an out-of-work stage actor with five years of experience behind the counter at a New York City specialty food retailer. Jenkins was the only serious cheesemonger in town and had earned his place as a certified Maitre Fromager. He surveyed how Fairway was displaying their cheeses – it was just like everyone else, people who didn’t yet know the intricacies behind caring for cheese, presenting cheese, giving it the opportunity to taste the best it could. Jenkins dove right in, absorbing the tricks of the trade and bringing them to life at the Fairway cheese counter.

He has been an intensely influential driving force behind the state of the artisanal cheese industry in the United States today. By the mid-1990′s, he had amassed such deep and passionate knowledge on the subject that he published one of the most highly regarded manuscripts of the cheese industry. Cheese Primer, unleashed in 1996, will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about cheese, and then some, the way that only Steve could tell it. Cheese Primer won the James Beard Award and was nominated for the Julia Child Award of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. It is often referred to as the single-most indispensable book in the world of cheese. Jenkins is not only an integral part of the food world, but is a part of the fuel that continues to create change and educate the future of the industry.

Carlon Colker, MDCarlon M. Colker, MD
Fairway’s Health & Nutrition Consultant

Carlon M. Colker, MD, is the Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of Peak Wellness, Inc., with centers in Greenwich, Connecticut and Beverly Hills, California. He’s also Fairway’s Health and Nutrition Consultant. His practice specialties include internal medicine, sports medicine, and nutrition. Dr. Colker is widely regarded as America’s premier wellness coach. Dozens of world champion athletes and numerous Hollywood celebrities openly credit Colker with profoundly impacting and improving their lives and well-being through proper health, nutrition, and exercise. Dr. Colker is also a long-time columnist, book author, and familiar network reality TV star. As a television personality he regularly appears on networks like ABC, NBC, Fox, and ESPN. Dr. Colker has managed to combine his remarkable experiences to help countless people unleash their power and reach their true maximum potential.

Hannah Howard

Copywriter and Fairway Foodie

Hannah HowardHannah has been working with food since the age of 16, when she spent her summer scooping gelato. Since then she’s been happily employed as close to food as possible. Hannah has waited tables, tended bar, cooked behind the line, managed restaurants, flipped wheels of fromage, worked on the set of a Food Network show, and written about food and food people. She graduated from Columbia in 2009 with a joint anthropology/creative writing degree.

She is thrilled to work for Fairway, her favorite grocery store and go-to source for food inspiration. Hannah scopes out Fairway’s seriously delicious, impressive stuff and sings its praises. She might be found experimenting with these goodies in her tiny, cozy Manhattan kitchen.

Lori Levy
Director of Trade and Product Development

Lori brings her passion for quality cooking and love of entertaining to her role as Director of Trade and Product Development for Fairway Market.

She is a proud Mom of two and has been a Fairway devotee since her days as a Fordham Law student where she attended after graduating Emory University in Atlanta with a BA in International Studies. As a Licensed U.S. customs broker, and  former practicing Customs &Trade Attorney, Lori brings a special skill set and unique NY verve to her work at Fairway Market. She oversees the importation of many of your favorite specialty products and works on the development of Fairway’s  Private Label Program.

egral part of the food world, but is a part of the fuel that continues to create change and educate the future of the industry.

Rebecca Elbaum

When looking for a summer internship three years ago, Rebecca figured what better place to work with food than the greatest food store in New York City.  As a foodie with a passion for nutrition, Rebecca graduated with a degree in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University.  She is now working for Fairway on their healthy initiatives projects while attending Hunter College for a Masters of Public Health.  Upon finishing her Masters, Rebecca hopes to become a Registered Dietitian.

Aside from working for Fairway, Rebecca has taught cooking classes and nutrition to children, worked for a food and nutrition magazine, and studied abroad in Florence, Italy.  Rebecca loves to exercise, cook, read, and hang out with her family and friends.  She is thrilled to have the exposure to fresh and delicious ingredients at Fairway and to so many people as passionate about food as she is.

Isabel Weiner
Fairway Intern

Isabel grew up next door to Fairway Market in Harlem and has been food shopping there since she was small enough to sit in the front of the grocery carts. As an International Relations major at Tufts University in Boston, Isabel has enjoyed interning for  the trade and specialty departments at Fairway during her summers at home in New York. When she’s not sampling olive oils or eating freshly baked croissants, Isabel can be found near the hot bar or smelling Fairway’s own ground coffee.

Isabel is an enthusiastic contributor to the Fairway blog and plans to continue discovering new and interesting items abroad and locally.

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