New and Awesome: Handmade Macarons from Macaron Cafe

A model macaron is  delicate, exquisite–notoriously hard to make, light-as-air, elegant. Plus incredibly tasty, of course.

We’ve seen a macaron explosion in New York, and we’re not surprised. What’s not to love? Macarons are essentially two cookies sandwiching ganache or jam, and yet, they are much more. They’re also a sort of fashion statement of a cookie–pretty, timeless, chic.

Making macarons is not like whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies–they are famous for being volatile and tricky to get right. At the restaurant where I used to work, many a pastry chef bemoaned the painstaking difficulty of perfecting their macarons. Batch upon batch sometimes came out sunken or soggy (we didn’t mind eating the failed macaron attempts, after a long shift).

But when the macarons emerged perfect, that was a glorious thing. And we at Fairway have found perfect macarons for you! These are baked by NYC’s #1 macaron maker, Chef Cecile Cannone, who even wrote a macaron book, Macarons: Authentic French Cookie Recipes. Her company is called Macaron Cafe, and her pretty macarons are made by hand in Manhattan with highest quality ingredients; plus they’re kosher and totally gluten-free! They’ve been touted by Food & Wine Magazine. But whatever–we’ve gone through a few boxes, and they’re really, really good, you can take our word.

Find them in the freezer section at your Fairway. Each box contains 9 flavors: passion fruit, vanilla, dark chocolate, caramel, matcha green tea, coconut, raspberry, espresso, and pistachio. Wonderful with a cup of coffee or tea, or as the end to a good meal. Serve them at the conclusion of you dinner party. Perfect for gifting, too.

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