Shelf Preservation: Stocking the Shelves for Sandy

The galivantor doesn’t really have time to watch the weather, but on Monday October 29th in New York City there was nothing but the weather to watch.

The whole city was about to have its’ wings clipped by someone named Sandy who was about to turn on enough power to turn the power off for a week and make gallivanting all but impossible.

In fact, pretty much the only place in town that was open and functioning was…you guessed it…Fairway.

The galivantor figured if worse came to worse she may need a couple of things so she went up to Fairway at 74th Street where she realized that in fact, people were preparing for the worst.  But here at Fairway, all was at its usual best, all was abundant, all was waiting.

Not really thinking how changed the world would be within 24 hours, the galivantor grabbed a basket.

How to use the shelf in the event of a power outage? 

As always there were prepared, delicious rotisserie chickens beckoning in all their herbaceous glory. Chicken –check.  The dark to come already felt a little lighter.

Next stop on the galivantor’s itinerary?

Bakery. Oh and what luck! As always Fairway was baking, and here was a fresh rack of poppy and sesame bagels. Two of each. And  raisin rolls. And a couple of Vinnie’s rolls.  And a Fairway baguette. And a tomato foccacia. Make that two. This is bread power…who needs Con Ed?

And then  there’s the cheese course, of course. How about a little Saint Andre? Everyone knows when served at room temperature, and when mixed with a little prosciutto, parsley, garlic and walnuts, it’s a heavenly  topping for any of the above breads —or if you are lucky enough to have a gas stove and a match, you can make pasta to pour into it and make a stunning, romantic candle lit meal in the dark. The galivantor brightens at the mere thought. 

Bananas, apples, oranges, grapefruits, carrots– they’re the flashlights of food and at Fairway they are fully and freshly stocked to take the bite out of any emergency.

Cereal. Water. Pretzels. Peanut butter. Salsa. House made tortilla chips. Tea bags. Honey. Jam. Hummus. Crackers. Fairway pasta sauce. Dried seaweed.  Italian tinned tuna. Hearts of palm.  Hard salami. Black beans. EEVO. Lambrusco Balsamic vinegar. Soprassata. Pecans, almonds, trail mix and dried fruits galore. The galivantor’s basket was starting to feel like it belonged on Chopped. 

But the galivantor was about to be tested like a contestant on one of those Survivor shows, in what wound up being a week-long adventure  in the dark. It was  a time in which the simplest things, like getting your groceries home, were not so simple because the complicated mechanisms that we rely on  for doing simple things were all shut down.  The “simple” life confounds us.  It’s too complicated.  We don’t know how to see in the dark because we’ve never had to.

 It was a time when a cell phone battery lasted about ½ an hour for some reason and there were people roaming everywhere with a thirst in their eyes. But they weren’t looking for water–they were looking for juice.  

 It was a time when you had the chance to WONDER because there was no television or Internet from which to get instant information. You HAD to wonder because you weren’t constantly being fed facts and data and opinions.

 It was that day when the return of one working plug in the hallway felt as exciting and magical as the landing of the space shuttle.

The galivantor is grateful for the gifts of the shelf– gifts that Fairway continues to give to those less fortunate; those whose lives are not back together and who have been impacted for much much longer than a week.  

Please join Fairway and all the great people who are working overtime to help feed and shelter our communities

Time to get moving again. 

See you somewhere soon.

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