Rain, Rain Go Away!!! Stocking up for Hurricane Sandy

If you’ve been near a radio, television, newspaper, etc…you’ve heard the warning.

Hurricane Sandy is making a beeline for New York and the surrounding area. As Sandy heads north from the Caribbean, it’s on track to merge with a snowstorm now forming over the Great Lakes…creating a monster of weather insanity. Think gusy winds; choppy, angry tides; heavy, wet snow; and rain galore.

Luckily, Fairway Market is here with all your stocking up needs–from fine, fine cheeses to toilet paper, and everything in between.

The National Weather Service has its own suggestions: batteries, first aid supplies, and plenty of bottled water. We’ve got all that and more at Fairway, and for unbeatable prices.

Responsibility and deliciousness are not mutually exclusive! The authorities recommend nonperishable food for emergency preparedness.  No need to limit yourself to canned beans and such (not that there is anything wrong with canned beans!)…but the possibilities are extraordinary. Our life-changing olive oils and vinegars are not going bad; neither are our incredible tinned fishes or our vast array of antipasti. And don’t forget chips and dips and snackable goodies for time holed up at home. Here are some of our favorite snacking options.

If you’re stuck inside, use it as an opportunity to cook or try something new. Get started on some healthy Halloween eats. Break out a recipe you haven’t had the paience to try. Enlist your whole family in making something wonderful for dinner.

Stay safe, be careful, and eat well!!

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