Building a New Fairway Market: Westbury Sneak Peek

There’s nothing like the excitement of opening a new Fairway Market. Nothing. On August 22, we will welcome 68,000 plus square feet of fresh-as-can-be fruits and veggies, homemade mozzarella, sushi, pasta and sausage, premises-roasted coffee, hundreds and hundreds of cheeses, dry-aged beef, custom-cut seafood, olive oils galore, made-from-scratch baked goods, and so much more to Westbury, Long Island: Fairway number eleven!

It’ll be my third store opening–a true whirlwind. 24 hours a day, our teams are building shelves, installing lighting, painting murals; trucks are arriving full of first boxes of foods; signs are being printed, and about a million other projects are going on all at once, full speed ahead. There’s a buzz in the air. Organized chaos. Magic. Excitement.

Yesterday I spent my morning counting how many feet of jam we have, and paper towels, and sugar-free candies, so that we can make an accurate store map. There’s always more to do, prepare, assemble, organize…

We’re lucky enough to have a talented artist, Floyd Simmons, to adorn our stores with gorgeous murals. Here’s Floyd doing his thing above our soon-to-be meat counter.

Some things I’ve learned with a few store openings under my belt:

  • Comfy shoes are key. I break out my sneaks. Openings mean long days running back in forth from cheese to produce to specialty–my feet will be logging many miles.
  • Layers are also a must! The refrigeration arrives before the food, and even in the sticky hot days of summer, I find myself fantasizing of mittens and cozy sweaters. Even running around, climbing ladders to hang signs and crawling around to open boxes of EVOO, the Fairway-in-progress is brrrrr cold.
  • There’s team spirit galore. Everyone’s in this together, from the construction crew to the store’s butchers-in-training, from the security guys (bring ID!), to the cheesemongers wheeling around pallets of cream cheese and fancy butter, from the company executives to the heroes setting up the printers.  And…
  • No one’s above getting their hands dirty. You will find the biggest of bigwigs velcro-ing signs to shelves, drilling various parts into place, and packing out granola. Team work makes the dream work.  After all, all the sweat and tears is for a wonderful cause. 

It’s less than a week away from the opening. We’re new to the neighborhood. Can we come over for dinner? Let Dan show you a peek of the delicious bounty that’s to come, and make sure to join us in person on August 22!






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