LOVE Chocolate Bread & Edible Flowers

Fairway Market Chocolate BreadHappy Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t thought about what you’re going to make tonight for a romantic tete-a-tete, think no longer. Surprise your sweetie with lovingly made delights, whether you have a hand in preparing them or not. A half hour at Fairway Market is all you need to shop for all your ingredients after work. Start with picking up a round loaf of Fairway’s NEW chocolate bread in the bakery. Decadent but not too sweet, it’s the perfect way to start to indulge in a luxurious dinner. The bread is made with the best cocoa and chocolate, and is topped with the crunch of turbinado sugar (i.e., raw brown sugar). It can be eaten as is, or toasted with butter and jam. Or try it with a mild cheese or mascarpone cheese. You’ll swoon when you bite into the half-melted chocolate chunks that dot the bread. (It’s available year-round, too!)

Next, pop into the produce section to pick up a container of edible flowers (based on availability). Petals aren’t only meant for presents and vases. Much more than a garnish, they’ll make any salad or soup as pretty as a picture. Cleaning them is easy, but handle them gently. Softly shake them upside down, so any debris will fall out. Remove any remaining stamens or pistils, if any. Then partially fill a large bowl of water, add the flowers and gently swirl them around. Remove them and place on paper towels for the water to be absorbed, then use. Don’t overpower the delicate flavor of edible blossoms with strong flavors, so put them in salad with a light dressing. To whip it up, use the Naturvie World in Love Oil. Everything smells and tastes better when you’re in love, and this extra virgin olive oil — bursting with aroma and the flavors of green grass, apples, bananas and ripe fruits — will thrill the olive oil-lover inside of you.

Edible flowers also sit beautifully atop pureed or cream soups, and can make a statement on asparagus or cauliflower soup. And don’t forget to decorate an elegant dessert for a floral touch! Make poached pears, and pair them with this Belberry Clementine Satongo Chocolate luxurious sauce. Or drizzle with the creamy Miel de Garrigue French honey or the aromatic Chailan Miel de Fleurs honey. Plate with an edible flower on the side.

Last, it’s a must to serve irresistible appetizers at your dinner for two. Get oysters from our fresh seafood department to put out on the half shell. Or make canapes of caviar, including Farmed Russian Osetra Caviar, Wild Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar, and American Wild Paddlefish Caviar. These cheese plates are easy to put together, too: French Mountain Cheese Plate; French Pyrenees Cheese Plate; Italian Cheese Plate; Iberian Cheese Plate; or the American Cheese Plate. Fairway’s Master Cheesemonger Steve Jenkins also recommends serving Queso Leonora with Belberry’s Fig & Black Pepper Confit; Queso Roncal with Belberry’s Raspberry & Star Anise Confit; Queso Cabrales with Belberry’s Rhubarb & Muscat Wine Confit; and Uplands Cheese Company’s Pleasant Ridge Reserve with Belberry’s Apricots & Cumun Confit.

For the rest of your heart-pounding meal, check out these Valentine’s Day dinner ideas and other Fairway recipes. They make perfect dishes to pamper your sweetheart anytime of year, too.

TELL US: What are your divine dinner plans for Valentine’s Day?

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