Fresh! NEW Fairway Whole Wheat Breads

Fairway Whole Wheat MicheWe know you love our baguettes, but if those rod-shaped, crusty loaves of dough that stand at attention, inviting you to grab them, don’t already transport you to a Parisian boulangerie, our NEW and beautifully handcrafted Whole Wheat Miche — a large, round, slightly flattened bread that is pictured here — most certainly will. That’s because Fairway’s Bakery is always trying to outdo itself to please and wow you, so when you smell, look at, touch, and taste our bread, you can feel the centuries that have gone into the art of bread making, as inspired by our European counterparts. We’re talking about the master bakers who have passed along and shared their time-honored artisanal techniques, creating a camaraderie that spans time and unites people by a far-reaching culinary culture.

To that end, Fairway’s bakers were inspired by the French master baker Lionel Poilane, who passed away in 2002, but whose bakeries live on in Paris and whose legacy is respected on a global level. The result: An immense five-pound Whole Wheat Miche, which is decorated with a fun, circular pattern of coiled rings – it’s a handsome bread that sits front and center on our bakery counters, and is sold by the pound as elegant wedges.

Many of our other products follow suit with an artistic craftsmanship, too, such as our NEW Fairway Whole Wheat Batard (also known as the Whole Wheat Long bread) that displays a sequence of decorative cuts that create an arrow-like formation on the top surface of the loaf, and our signature Fairway House Bread (a white bread) that is branded with an “F.” They all showcase classic European tradition, but still stay true to our own humble yet precise American ways. You can trust that these loaves all taste good, because they’re all made by hand, as are our baguettes — baked fresh daily, two or three times a day, at all of our locations. (They include the Fairway Classic Baguette, a Multigrain Baguette, and a Whole Wheat Baguette.)

Also, if an organic bread is what you yearn for, taste one of these Fairway choices that deliver on flavor and texture:

  • 7 Grain
  • Sourdough Rye
  • Levain
  • Pumpernickel Raisin
  • Whole Wheat Sourdough
  • Olive Ciabatta

TELL US: What do you love about Fairway’s whole wheat breads?

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2 Responses to “Fresh! NEW Fairway Whole Wheat Breads”

  1. maureen cauthen
    February 23, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    Please list the ingredients for your breads. I’m looking for 100% whole-grain breads without oils, sweetners and preservatives.

    • Christine Porretta
      March 1, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

      Hi Maureen, you’ll find the ingredients listed on the label affixed to each bag. Are you looking for more information you didn’t see for a particular bread? I would be happy to inquire and get back to you.

      The Fairway Market Team

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