3 Thanksgiving Side Recipes à la Fairway

We’ve told you about our turkeys. We’ve given you the lowdown on our pies. But we’ve totally skipped over the most important thing in between: the sides! No Thanksgiving is complete without ...

Swiss Fondue and Raclette at Fairway

There ain’t no party like a fondue party! Fairway is hosting a celebration of Swiss fondue and raclette cheese with our friends from Mifroma this weekend. Stop by our Harlem ...

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day is Nov. 15th!

November 15th is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. Enough with the made up holidays already!!! we can hear you say. But hold on: this festival of fastidiousness is actually ...

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How to Carve a Turkey with Chef Vincent Olivieri

Turkey carving can strike fear into even the most seasoned cooks. The turkey is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving, after all, and no one wants to mess that up. But with a little know how and a basic understanding of bird anatomy, carving is shockingly simple. Chef Vinny, from the Fairway 74th St. Cafe & Steakhouse, […]

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So Many Pies, Oh My!

Stopping by your local Fairway Market this weekend? Keep an eye out for in-store tastings of our pumpkin pie. If you haven’t committed to a dessert to serve at Thanksgiving just yet, we recommend using this opportunity to test drive our take on this classic—we think you’ll be pretty impressed. While we’re on the subject […]

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Help Fairway Put a Turkey on Every Table

Fairway Market is about more than just good food. We’re about sharing it, too, especially with our neighbors who are in need. That’s why we’re proud to announce the return of our Turkey for Every Table program, now in its fifth year. The goal of this program is to help ensure that everyone in our […]

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The Fairway Guide to Thanksgiving Wines

What is the one thing no Thanksgiving feast is complete without? Turkey? Maaaybe, although we’ve been to a few perfectly wonderful vegetarian feasts. Really (and who are we kidding), it’s the drinks. Because you’ll be forgiven if you forget something in the oven or glaze over the cranberries on your shopping list. But you won’t get away with […]

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Fairway Market Is Your Turkey Destination

With 10+ varieties to choose from, we’ve got a turkey for everyone. Last week, we shared some tips for picking the best Thanksgiving turkey for your table. But we forgot to mention that you can find more than ten varieties of turkey at Fairway Market, so clearly we’re the best place to try out new your […]

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Turkey Talk: How to Pick Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Crisp golden-brown skin. Juicy, tender meat that yields when you carve in with your knife. Rich, meaty flavor with just the right amount of seasoning and herbs… We probably don’t need to remind you that turkey day is just around the corner. If you’re looking for your yearly refresher on how to truss, roast, and […]

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Introducing Zola Energy Waters – Try Them In-Store This Month!

Zola is all about plant-powered hydration and celebrating that feeling of exhilaration when you are inspired to raise your arms up high. The Zola brand was founded on the belief that natural hydration and the power of plant-based ingredients are the keys to unlock your inspiration from within. Zola is proud to make delicious plant-powered […]

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The Perfect Drink To Pair With Your Halloween Candy

Caramels and Caramel-Filled Candies: Champagne You know how caramel is chewy and kind of lingers? A glass of chilled bubbly can act as a palette cleanser for all that sugar (in addition to making you feel fancy). The wine’s acidity will also mellow out the sweetness of this delectable treat. Chocolate: Irish Coffee Whiskey, coffee, […]

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Why You Should Try Murray’s Omega-3 Chicken

Omega-3: you’ve heard of it and know it’s good for you. Maybe you even saw that Fairway Market now exclusively offers omega-3 chicken from Murray’s. But if you are wondering why this new product is a big deal (or what omega-3s are), we can tell you should definitely check it out the important health benefits […]

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Pumpkin Carving 101

The most basic, fool-proof method for getting the perfect pumpkin! 1) Decide what you’re carving FIRST. Having that in mind will make it much easier to layout. It’s also helpful when buying your pumpkin and deciding on shape/size. 2) Buy your pumpkin – Just stop by your local Fairway Market and grab one of the pumpkins we currently have on sale. Once you’re home, cut off the top and […]

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