Fairway Balsamic Glazed Chicken Breasts

Need an easy family recipe with all-natural ingredients? Try Fairway’s Balsamic-Glazed Chicken Breasts, with Fairway Honey, Balsamic Vinegar, White Wine Vinegar and Fairway Raspberry Jam. 30 minutes is all you ...

Fairway Cookie Dough for Perfect Cookies

With the busy holiday season ahead, everyone needs a no-fuss, easy-to-make treat. Not to worry, we’ve has got you covered with Fairway Cookie Dough Delights. Pre-made with love (and, of course, ...

Leftover Turkey Sandwiches: Cranberry Stuffing & Smoked Bacon, Brie & Dijon

It’s almost Turkey Time, which means you need to get your leftover turkey menu ready! Transform your leftover turkey into delicious sandwiches! Use all your leftovers in a turkey sandwich with ...

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10 Easy Thanksgiving Tips From the Fairway Catering Team!

1. Rub the outside of the turkey with butter or oil to make the skin crispy.  Cut the butter into pats and push them under the skin for crispiest skin and a juicy bird. 2. Does your turkey breast dry out?  Try roasting the bird upside down for 2/3rds of the cooking time.  The indirect […]

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Hoisin Duck Tortillas

Looking for a different meal idea? Hoisin Duck Tortillas will do the trick. Sweet and tangy hoisin sauce pairs perfectly with the tender meat, and cooling cucumbers add a crisp bite to the warm tortillas. Make meals more interesting with Fairway. Hoisin Duck Tortillas Prep Time: 5 minutes; Cook Time: 15 minutes; Serves: 4 Ingredients: 2 tsps […]

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National Apple Cider Day!

Celebrate National Apple Cider Day this season with Fairway’s own, all-natural apple cider! Add Fairway Cinnamon Sticks and nutmeg, and garnish with apple slices for a sweet, seasonal beverage treat. Fairway Apple Cider Prep Time: 0 min; Cook Time: 5-10 minutes; Serves 4-6 Ingredients: 4-5 cups Fairway Apple Cider ½ tsp Fairway Cinnamon ¼ tsp […]

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Fairway Pancakes with Fairway Maple Syrup & Strawberries

Ditch your local diner and stay in your comfy pajamas for a lazy weekend morning; trust us, Fairway’s pancakes are worth staying home for. All you need for a luxurious morning meal is Fairway Pancake Mix, milk, Fairway Eggs and butter. Add fresh fruit on the side like sliced strawberries and drizzle Fairway Maple Syrup for the […]

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Fairway Food Update with Steve Jenkins

From Fairway Flavors Fall / Winter 2014 Magazine It’s hardly a secret that Fairway Market has thrown off the shackles of the bad old days. I speak of a time when there were but a few Fairways for so many far-flung people who had no choice but to drive to us. There are 15 Fairways […]

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Lentil & Mushroom “Meatballs” with Fairway Marinara Pasta Sauce

Be a part of the Monday Meatball craze! This hearty vegetarian spin may lack meat, but certainly does not lack spice. Fairway’s Lambrusco Vinegar adds that extra sensation with a bit of fizz and a touch of berry; as Fairway discovered and sourced this vinegar, it is the first time Lambrusco Vinegar has ever been […]

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Steve Jenkins: Fairway’s Fall Trip to Paris

No more glorious time of year to be in Paris than October.  I turned 50 in Paris (alone), and I turned 60 in Paris.  This time I turned 64.  When I first visited the City Of Light I was a callow 27, and if memory serves I became 28 whilst walking around at midnight in […]

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Fairway Sun-Dried Tomato & Mustard Marinated Crunchy Tofu with Fairway Sesame Noodles & Spring Joy Dressing

Fairway loves unique, international foods and flavors. Which is why our Fairway Sun-Dried Tomato and Mustard Marinated Crunchy Tofu with Fairway Sesame Noodles and Spring Joy Dressing makes an amazing meal bursting with bright, fresh tastes. Fairway makes this meal easy with already-prepared foods and the best ingredients, from our sun-dried tomatoes and our Dijon Mustard-marinated […]

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Seasonal Soup: Butternut Squash Soup with Fairway Pumpkin Seeds

Butternut squash is a staple, healthy vegetable for the fall and winter. Baked in the oven with olive oil, cinnamon and honey, or mashed and added to muffins and bread, or pureed into soup, this veggie tastes delicious in numerous forms both sweet and savory, and is immensely sating. Combined with onion and apple and topped […]

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PIE CORPS of Brooklyn: Locally Made, Small-Batch Pies & Quiches

Fairway loves small-batch, local food brands with inspiring stories. Just like PIE CORPS of Brooklyn, New York. PIE CORPS is a small pie company based in Brooklyn whose mission is to offer the finest quality, handmade, soul satisfying, savory and sweet pies. Their pies are made from scratch, using only the freshest seasonally inspired ingredients. A perfect fusion of traditional […]

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